Israeli court imposes tough conditions for release of female prisoner

Israeli court imposes tough conditions for release of female prisoner

Palestinian human rights sources said that the Israeli military court issued a decision to release female prisoner Tagrid Abu Galmi from Burin village in Nablus city, but on condition that she pays an exorbitant fine and is placed under house arrest.

The sources explained that the court imposed on Galmi unattainable conditions represented in paying a fine of 25,000 shekels, putting her under house arrest in her sister’s home in the village and going twice a week to Ariel settlement to sign verifying her presence.

Activist in prisoners’ affairs Mayser Atyani said this court decision is a dangerous precedent and was rejected by Abu Galmi family, adding that the lawyer was told to appeal against this unjust decision, which, if accepted, would contribute to recognizing Israel’s arbitrary laws applied against the Palestinian prisoners.

She noted that prisoner Abu Galmi was isolated from other Palestinian female prisoners and locked up with Israeli criminals in a section inside Hasharon prison.

The activist appealed to the official parties concerned with prisoners’ affairs and human rights organizations to send lawyers to visit this prisoner and work on transferring her to sections of Palestinian prisoners in another jail.

The activist also pointed out that eight other members of Galmi family are also imprisoned in Israeli jails, including a young woman called Linan Abu Galmi, who was released in October 2009 within a deal that led to the release of 20 women, but she was kidnapped again and administratively detained for an extendable six months.