Israeli court turns down appeal to free longest serving administrative detainee

Israeli court turns down appeal to free longest serving administrative detainee

The Israeli military court in Negev jail has turned down an appeal to free the longest serving Palestinian administrative detainee who has been held in occupation jails for 51 months without trial.

The lawyer of Nafha legal society said on Saturday that Adnan Hamarsha, 43, was detained on 31/12/2003, in the fourth such arrest by the Israeli occupation authority, without any charge and held in administrative detention since then.

He added that Hamarsha, a father of six children, was moved from one Israeli jail to another and was held for 9 years in occupation jails.

The wife of Hamarsha said that he suffered high blood pressure and heart ailment during his custody, and added that the Israeli military courts kept on extending his detention without charge at the pretext of having a secret file against him.

Nafha charged the IOA with holding around 1,400 Palestinians under administrative detention without charge or trial and under harsh incarceration conditions. It called on human rights groups to seek the immediate release of those detainees.

Meanwhile, the IOA released Ghassan Abu Ras, 22, after 80 days of cruel interrogation rounds in Petah Tikva detention center.

Abu Ras told Nafha society that he was beaten in his face, chest, legs, and back during the interrogation rounds. He said that a group of officers took turn in beating him over 24 successive hours to force him to confess causing him acute pains.

Nafha asked the Red Cross to intervene and save the Palestinian detainees in Israeli detention centers and to record the testimonies of the free detainees in a bid to document them and to hold those responsible to account.

Abu Ras was previously held in occupation jails for four years.