Israeli drones kill five Palestinian fighters in Gaza

Israeli drones kill five Palestinian fighters in Gaza

Israeli reconnaissance planes have killed at dawn Thursday seven Palestinians including six resistance fighters from Hamas and the Islamic Jihad in aerial attacks on their advanced positions in northern Gaza Strip, said the PIC correspondent in the area.

According to our correspondent, five of the martyrs were members of the Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas Movement, while the sixth martyr was a member of the Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, and the seventh a civil engineer.

Sources in the two armed wings said that the fighters were monitoring IOF troops” movements in the northern Gaza areas prior to the Israeli air strikes.

“The Zionist enemy is still unleashing its ugly massacres against the steadfast Palestinian people [on daily basis], particularly in the [besieged] Gaza Strip”, said the Qassam Brigades in a statement it issued and a copy of which was obtained by the PIC.

The statement furthermore asserted, “The criminal Israeli enemy is targeting the honorable men of the Palestinian resistance, spearheaded by the Qassam fighters who teach the occupation painful lessons in the art of resoluteness and challenge, and who sacrifice their souls for blessed Palestine till victory is achieved”.

“Our message to the Zionist enemy is: the battle is ongoing, and we shall remain steadfast like mountains on this land till occupied Palestine is liberated”, the QB statement furthermore, stressed.

For his part, representative of Hamas Movement in Iran Dr. Abu Osama Abdul Moti stressed, “The Palestinian blood is precious and no one could undermine it”. 

In an interview with the PIC, Abdul Moti pointed out that the QB attack on the Israeli city of Dimona was meant to send a number of messages to the Israeli occupation government mainly that the Israeli apartheid wall couldn’t prevent Palestinian resistance fighters from carrying out armed attacks against Israeli targets.

The second message, he added, is that the Palestinian resistance fighters can reach any point in occupied Palestine after they succeeded in reaching the most secured and the strategic Dimona city where the Israeli nuclear reactors and facilities are located.

“This [ability of the Palestinian fighters to reach Dimona without being detected] is per se a big victory to the Palestinian resistance”, asserted Abdul Moti.

He also described the attack on Dimona as “natural response” to the persistent IOF atrocities in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank that reaped tens of Palestinian lives, and wounded hundreds others over the past couple of months.

“The armed operation in Dimona affirms that our people won”t surrender to pressures of Israel, the USA, and their agents in the illegitimate PA government of Salam Fayyad”, the Hamas representative pointed out, adding that the PA-Israeli “futile” negotiations will end up in big failure.