Israeli forces destroy 4 Jerusalem homes amid confrontations with locals

Israeli forces destroy 4 Jerusalem homes amid confrontations with locals

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, — The Makdesi Foundation for Community Development said in an official press release that crews from Israel’s Jerusalem municipality, accompanied by extensive Israeli military and police forces demolished a home in the Beit Haneena district belonging to Palestinian citizen Rashed al-Rajabi after breaking down the house’s entrance in order to evacuate him.

The foundation added that Israel had previously demolished a hundred square meter home under construction belonging to Palestinian Mahmoud Mohammed al-Issawi of the Issawi section of East Jerusalem. A third, one-story home under construction belonging to Palestinian woman Sabah Abu Ramila in Issawi.

Local sources said that Abu Ramila suffered various injuries during the raid on her house, which was inhabited by 16 people, most of whom were children, adding that soldiers demolished a room belonging to Khalil Dari in the same area.

They warned of confirmed information that the demolition campaign will affect the number of houses in Beit Hanina.

The local sources added that violent clashes broke out between the owners of the targeted houses and a large number of citizens with Israeli soldiers, who used force to remove locals from the site, and a number of people, including women, were hit, with increasing numbers of citizens who flooded the streets of the targeted area amid the heavy presence of Israeli military and police.

MP Mohammad Toutah, one of the Jerusalem MPs who are now sitting in at tents in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied Jerusalem, told news agencies on Tuesday that such practices of Israel are part of Israel’s applied approach aimed at clearing Jerusalem of its inhabitants and Judaizing and taking control of the city.

For his part, former Minister Khaled Abu Arafa, said that the move aims to tighten the grip on the city of Jerusalem through all available means possible without the slightest regard for Arab or international agreements.

The MPs called on the international community to shoulder their responsibilities towards the people of Jerusalem and to contribute in rescuing them from the effects of Judaization.

Meanwhile, Hamas said in a press statement Tuesday, “The encroachment of the Zionist occupation in its West Bank settlement activity, particularly in Jerusalem, is a reflection of the policy of security coordination with Oslo Group authority, and an outcome of the policy of rushing toward futile negotiations, which remains as a cover for further settlement projects, which have doubled in intensity following the signing of the Oslo agreement.”

Hamas called on Palestinian people at home and abroad, and the Arab and Islamic nation to have solidarity in order to protect Jerusalem, demanding the Ramallah authority to stop all forms of security coordination and direct or indirect negotiations with Israel.