Israeli gunboats attack Palestinian fishermen

Israeli gunboats attack Palestinian fishermen


KHAN YOUNIS,- Israeli navy boats opened heavy machinegun fire at Palestinian fishing boats off the coast of Khan Younis and Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, on Sunday night.

The head of the fishermen syndicate in Khan Younis, Fuad Al-Amori, said that the gunboats opened intensive fire at the fishermen to force them to retreat to a closer area to the beach.

He said that the continued harassment and shooting by those gunboats had complicated the fishing process in the Strip and forced hundreds of fishermen to leave their work and look for other jobs for sustenance.

Meanwhile, in the West Bank the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) detained a Palestinian man in Jenin refugee camp during an incursion after searching his home.

Eyewitnesses noted that the IOF soldiers used dogs in storming and searching the house, which occurred before dawn Monday.

An intelligence officer accompanying the IOF patrol questioned all inhabitants of the house before taking away Mohammed Abu Zeina.