Israeli military deportation order met with Palestinian outrage

Israeli military deportation order met with Palestinian outrage

– The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has issued a new military order that would go into effect this week allowing it to deport thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank, a Hebrew daily reported on Sunday.

Ha’aretz said that the order world target in its first stage Palestinians who were born or have their children born in Gaza Strip as well as Palestinians who lost their residence rights in the West Bank for one reason or another along with foreigners who married Palestinians.

It added that the decision was still ambiguous because it said that anyone infiltrating into the West Bank would be deported, which could apply to eastern Jerusalemite Palestinians as well as foreigners.

The Palestinian government led by Ismail Haneyya warned the IOA in a statement of attempting to deport any Palestinian, urging the citizens not to obey the IOA orders.

Taher Al-Nunu, the government’s spokesman, told the PIC that the IOA was carrying out a plan to empty the Palestinian land from its inhabitants starting with Jerusalem then the West Bank in order to control it.

He urged the Arab countries to stand up to this new policy.

Sheikh Nafedh Azzam, political bureau member of the Islamic Jihad movement, said in a press release that the IOA decision was a fresh warning to the Palestinians that they should solve their problems, and a message to the Arabs that they should adopt firm positions against Israel and those backing it.

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum told the PIC that the decision was racist and most dangerous on the Palestinian people’s rights.

He charged that the IOA was exerting all efforts possible to displace the biggest number of Palestinians in order to expand it settlements and bring more settlers in their places.

MP Dr. Mustafa Al-Barghouthi, secretary general of the Palestinian national initiative, described the decision as “racial cleansing”.

He charged that the timing of the decision was provocative and deliberate as the current Israeli government believes that it was on its way to liquidate the Palestine cause.