Israeli navy forces Amal to sail to El-Arish harbor

Israeli navy forces Amal to sail to El-Arish harbor

GAZA,  Israeli navy boats forced the Libyan aid ship “Hope” to sail to the Egyptian harbor of El-Arish instead of Gaza Strip, Reuters news agency reported on Wednesday.

The AFP earlier today quoted Mashallah Zawi, the representative of the Gaddafi Foundation which chartered the vessel, as saying that the solidarity activists on board the ship were adamant on heading to Gaza and that their morale was high.

He told the French news agency via satellite phone that the ship stopped at sea for 12 hours due to “technical difficulties”.

Zawi said that the ship was surrounded by eight navy boats.

The international campaign to break the siege on Gaza in a statement on Wednesday morning urged the world community to immediately act to protect the Libyan aid vessel.

The world must assume its responsibility in protecting the ship and to enable it to reach Gaza especially when it is on a humanitarian mission.