Israeli Nazism is a clarion reality

Israeli Nazism is a clarion reality

Zionist supremacists from California to Occupied Jerusalem to Sydney are quite nervous these days as they watch many people around  the world getting themselves freed, slowly but definitely, from the shackles of Zionist propaganda.

For over sixty years, classical Zionist lies about the crime against humanity, otherwise called Israel,  prevailed to a large extent. The black was turned into white, the white into black, the big lie was transformed into a “truth” glorified by millions. The impoverished and thoroughly tormented Palestinian victims were portrayed as “terrorists and murderers, even anti-Semites who were trying to finish what Hitler had started.”

As to the real Nazis, the Zionist Jews who committed one of the biggest crimes in the history of humanity, namely the virtual destruction and obliteration of the Palestinian community, they were often depicted as  progressive pioneers who turned the desert into bloom,  a light upon the nations, and  the only democracy in the Middle East.

Now it seems, the Zionist magic has outlived its usefulness and  been rendered stale and  ineffective. The world is finding out that it has been deceived, duped  and cheated all these years. And it is time to wake up to see things as they are.

The Durban conference, which is taking place in Geneva, is meant to foster peace, equality and justice around the world. Needless to say, doing so requires that the peoples and governments of the world fight and try to eradicate oppression, racism and aggression.

This is exactly what is infuriating the Zionist leadership everywhere, and not without a strong justification. We all know that  fighting racism and oppression means challenging Israel, a country that is based on ethnic cleansing, land theft, oppression and lies.

Indeed, even espousing the most elementary principles of equality and justice puts Israel on an inevitable collision course with the rest of humanity.

In short, you can’t be truly human, let alone humane, without opposing Zionism. This is what many people around the world are discovering. This is also what Israel and her supporters are dreading, since Zionism and humaneness are an eternal oxymoron.

This is why the shipyard dogs of Zionism from Commentary, to the New Republic, the New York Post, the  Jerusalem Post, to Dershowitz, Wiesel,  Netanyahu,  Lieberman, and Peres and the numerous other paragons of mendacity and racism, are panicking these days.  Just look at their faces and you will see how anxious, how insecure they look.

This is also how most criminals and thieves react when they sense that their crimes are about to be discovered and they are about to be apprehended.

But like all criminals and thieves, Israel and her often tribal supporters  will not just raise the white flag and surrender to truth, however clear, however overwhelming.

Zionists often claim that they have the highest IQs of any people on the face of  earth. Well, it is said that many criminals are extremely intelligent and this is why the police are often unable to get their hands on them.

But is this real intelligence? Is this real smartness? Indeed, if a criminal or a thief was truly intelligent, he or she wouldn’t be indulging in criminal behavior in the first place. An intelligence that eventually gets you to the gallows or the electric chair  is the ultimate stupidity.

The same logic undoubtedly  applies to Israel, an evil state that has transformed many Jews into either practitioners of evil or supporters of evil.

Let us take for example a person such as Elie Wiesel, a holocaust survivor, who has filled the world’s ether with all sorts of hypocritical and sanctimonious proclamations about the uniqueness of Jewish suffering, as if non-Jewish suffering were any less genuine.

This is the same man who has been saying for decades that Israel has the right to commit crimes against the Palestinians and that the entire world is in no position to criticize Israel’s Nazi-like behavior.

Wiesel’s “Night” had ended and his people were able to stand on their feet again, but he is hell-bent, even to the point of death, to utilize even the last breath of his life and the last vestige of  the  holocaust memory  to justify,  prolong and perpetuate  the Palestinian “Night”  in order to satisfy his depravity and whims of ethnic superiority and self-absorbedness.

This is the same Wiesel who is now harrowing to Geneva to defend the extermination by Israel of innocent and helpless children in Gaza  on no other account than the helpless victims being weak and not belonging to the “holy tribe.”

You see how Zionism has metamorphosed and is  metamorphosing the victims of the Nazi beast into satanic liars, immoral thugs and nefarious murderous, thoroughly embracing a state that thinks like the Nazis, behaves like the Nazis and acts like the Nazis. 
But the depravity seems to have no limits. This is the nature of a demonic sickness that has come to grip a whole group of people who think the world ought to allow them to do whatever others are not allowed to do.

This is a people who argue that they have to kill other people’s children to make sure that  their children won’t be killed, a people who think they have to kill other people’s mothers in order to make sure that their mothers won’t be killed. A people, sick to the bone, who think they have to commit a holocaust to prevent the recurrence of another holocaust.

In other words, the world has to allow them to exterminate the Palestinian people, the Lebanese people and probably the Iranian people as well in order to give them a sense of security.

And the moment anyone criticizes their murderous behavior, such as starving the people of Gaza or incinerating civilians with White Phosphorus or confining millions of tormented Palestinians to modern-day concentration camps, the  Zionists will shout vociferously and uncontrollably  Auschwitz!  Gestapo!  Kristallnacht! Hamas! Suicide bombers!, utterly ignoring the brutal ugliness of their mindsets and murderous evilness of their actions.

This is what makes racist animals like Avigdor Lieberman, who combines the ruthlessness of Joseph Stalin and hatefulness of Adolph Hitler, criticize the Durban conference for not  protesting human rights violations in countries other than Israel.

It is like a despicable whore preaching on morality and chastity.

But the pornographic hypocrisy is by no means confined to the former Moldovan thug. Well, is Shimon Peres any less hypocritical, any less criminal? Or Netanyahu?  Or Barak?  Or even Ovadia Yosef? We are speaking  after all of  an entire breed of pathological criminals whose criminality and lies know no limits.

My friend Gideon Levy, who I immensely respect for his moral courage and rectitude,  has written that it is wrong to compare the Palestinian plight with the holocaust. However, he admitted that Israel today looks very much like Germany in 1933.

Well, then do the Palestinians have to wait  a few more years until Lieberman and his Judeo-Nazi cohorts act on  their evil doctrines as Hitler and Eichman and their  Aryan-Nazi cohorts  acted on theirs a few years later?

It is a positive sign that the Durban conference is taking place. This is in itself a step in the right direction because holding the conference against the will of demonic Zionism shows that the world, or at least most of the peoples of the world, are willing to look Israel in the eye and say “you are racist, you are criminal, you are evil; and we are not going to be intimidated by your incitement and hate-mongering.” This is what is scaring Zionists and making them lose their composure.

As to other peoples in Europe and North America, whose governments are still languishing under the  Zionist stranglehold, there will come a day when they too will wake up and free themselves from the shackles of Zionist lobbies and Zionist lies.

That day will not be far off.