Israeli occupation hints at US involvement in the assassination of Nimnim

Israeli occupation hints at US involvement in the assassination of Nimnim

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, Israeli occupation military sources hinted that the US was involved in the assassination of Muhammad al-Nimnim, a Palestinian resistance fighter affiliate with the Islamic Army faction and whose car was targeted by an Israeli occupation drone on Wednesday.

Israeli radio on Friday quoted occupation military sources that the assassination of Nimnim was coordinated with the US, and while an occupation military spokeswoman refused to give details on the subject she said that there was good coordination between the two sides [the Zionist occupation and the US] and added that “Israel” conveys from time to time information to the US and other parties.

The Israeli Shin Bet  admitted on Wednesday the assassination of Jamal al-Nimnim, 26, of the Shati refugee camp and claimed that the assassination took place after intelligence information that Nimnim was planning to carry out attacks against Israeli occupation and US targets through the Sinai desert in coordination with Hamas.

Dr. Salah al-Bardaweel, a prominent Hamas official in Gaza, said that there was no basis for the Israeli claims and that such claims were an Israeli attempt to wreck relations between Hamas and Egypt.

He added that Hamas is committed to keeping its resistance inside occupied Palestine and will not use the land of any Arab country to launch its resistance attacks.