Israeli occupation rejects Hamas’s truce offer

Israeli occupation rejects Hamas’s truce offer

Hamas has submitted to the Egyptian government on Thursday its proposal for a six-month period of calm in the Gaza Strip which can later be extended to the West Bank.

Dr. Mahmoud al-Zahhar, speaking in a press conference he held on Thursday in Cairo said that Hamas has agreed to give a six-month period of calm with the Israeli occupation provided that the occupation reciprocates at the same time and lifts the siege on Gaza.

He added that the movement stressed that in case the Israelis did not agree to the proposal that Egypt opens the Rafah crossing.

According to the proposal Egypt will mediate the calm between the various Palestinian factions and the Israeli occupation.

Dr. Zahhar also stressed that the ball is in the Israeli occupation”s court and that if these efforts to achieve calm and end the siege on the Gaza Strip Palestinians will have no option but to defend themselves.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, the Hamas spokesman in the Gaza Strip said in an exclusive statement to PIC on Friday the movement will not pay any attention to statements made by Israeli officials that Hamas was not serious about a truce because the whole process is being carried out through Egypt and that if the Israeli occupation decides to disregard all the efforts being made in Cairo, it will be responsible for the consequences.

Abu Zuhri also stressed that all options are open to the Palestinian people to break the siege and defend themselves.