Israeli settlers attack Palestinian homes in Al-Khalil

Israeli settlers attack Palestinian homes in Al-Khalil

A group of savage Israeli settlers from Ramat Yishai settlement outpost attacked Sunday morning Palestinian homes in the city of Al-Khalil, south of the West Bank, and tried to take over a commercial building.

Palestinian local sources told the Palestinian information center (PIC) that the new attacks were carried out primarily in the neighborhoods of Tel Rumeida and Wadi Al-Haseen as well as at the entrance to Beersheba street.

They also stormed a commercial building in downtown Al-Khalil and entered a number of its rooms, but Israeli troops evacuated them later.

In the same context, dozens of Israeli settlers organized at night Saturday a provocative march in the old city in Al-Khalil during which they threw stones at Palestinian homes near the Ibrahimi mosque and chanted racist anti-Arab slogans.

South of Nablus, dozens of fanatic Israeli settlers on Saturday evening stormed the village of Iraq Burin and threw stones at Palestinian citizens before they managed to reach the house of a Palestinian woman called Umm Ayman Soufan in an attempt to break into it, but the villagers were able to repel their attack and force them out of the village.

Meanwhile, other settlers under military protection attacked another village called Burin, also in the south of Nablus, and threw stones at Palestinian villagers. Two journalists, who were covering what was happening, were reportedly wounded by Israeli troops who escorted the settlers.

It was also reported that Israeli troops stationed at the entrance of Shuhada street physically assaulted a 15-year old Palestinian boy called Hossam Al-Sharabati. The boy sustained moderate shrapnel wounds when the troops smashed the windows of the car he was in.

In Bethlehem, Israeli troops at dawn Saturday stormed the village of Husan and kidnapped two Palestinian young men during raids on Palestinian homes.

Meanwhile, in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian local sources reported that Israeli tanks bombed agricultural lands east of Jabaliya refugee camp, northern Gaza Strip, causing material damages without any reported injuries so far.

The Israeli tanks had targeted on Saturday the neighborhood of Shujaiya, east of Gaza city which led to the injury of three Palestinian civilians.