Israeli settlers beat up Palestinian young man in O. Jerusalem

Israeli settlers beat up Palestinian young man in O. Jerusalem

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, A gang of fanatic Jewish settlers have attacked a Jerusalemite Palestinian young man in the western part of the occupied city while taking his coffee in one of the coffee shops there, leaving bruises all over his body, the Jerusalem  Center for Social & Economic Rights (JCSER) revealed.

The center identified the young man as Jalal Mahmoud Jubran, 23, saying that a gang of 20 Israeli settlers assaulted him after knowing he is an Arab.

“I was sitting in a coffee shop taking my coffee when an Israeli settler approached me and asked for a cigarette, but I replied politely and said that I am not a smoker, yet, few moments later the guy returned back with a group of twenty settlers and started beating me up shouting dirty Arab,” the center quoted Jubran as saying.

Family of Jubran rushed him to the Ein Karem hospital with his face full of blood and swelling where he received medical treatment.

“I have a heart problem and have a pacemaker fitted to regulate my heartbeat… I could have died that night while they are beating me but thanks to Allah who saved me from them,” Jubran said.

Ziad Hammori, the director of the center, said that the wave of Israeli settlers’ attacks on Arab citizens have increased noticeably, expressing anxiety over the phenomenon, and blaming the Israeli occupation inciting policies for such incidents.

A couple of days ago, scores of Israeli settlers led by a fanatic rabbi stormed the Palestinian city of Um Al-Faham, chanted slogans against the Islamic Movement and Sheikh Raed Salah, and demanded the expulsion of the Arabs from Palestine.

The incident drew fierce confrontation between the city’s inhabitants on one side, and the settlers backed the Israeli occupation police on the other.