• October 25, 2008

Israeli settlers burn Palestinian olive lands in Nablus

Israeli settlers burn Palestinian olive lands in Nablus

Israeli settlers carried out Friday an arson attack on Palestinian olive groves in the Burqa village, north of Nablus, and hurled stones at civilian cars traveling along the main road in the village.

Settlers from the Yitzhar settlement in southern Nablus seized Palestinian lands in the Asira village and erected a razor-wire fence on the lands. Other settlers also stormed the Badhan village, north of Nablus, and the area of the tourist parks before withdrawing.

The IOF troops prevented a delegation from the international solidarity committee from entering the protected area of Amra which is part of the Umm Al-Rayhan village, south of Jenin, because Israeli bulldozers were embarking on destroying dozens of dunums of olive trees in the area.

The IOF troops put a razor-wire fence around the house of Mohamed Sabri in the Amra area after they sabotaged 45 dunums of olive trees belonging to his family. They also barred him and his family from going in or out without permission despite the fact that he possesses official papers confirming his family”s ownership of the land and house.

Palestinian local sources said that the IOA still deprives more than 100 citizens from going to work and harvest their olive lands located behind the apartheid wall; although, they submitted requests for permissions.

The IOA attempts to confiscate those lands in the future at the pretext that they are deserted and unplanted.