Israeli soldiers deliberately break baby’s arm near Bethlehem

Israeli soldiers deliberately break baby’s arm near Bethlehem

BETHLEHEM, — 10-month-old Mu’min al Qasrawi was taken to the Maqasid hospital in Jerusalem Monday evening after Israeli soldiers deliberately broke his arm.

The child’s mother said his arm got caught in an inspection conveyor belt when she was on her way to the Aqsa Mosque to pray. His arm was crushed and left with bruises after the soldiers failed to turn off the belt as usual practice.

In other instances, IOF troops abducted Tuesday seven Palestinians from Al-Khalil, including a young woman arrested at a military checkpoint.

Ayat Abu Markhiya was taken to the Israeli police station in Kiryat Araba after she was stopped at a military checkpoint in the Tel al-Rumaida neighborhood, local sources said.

Three other Palestinians were taken from the town of Yatta south of the city as well as another in Beit Awa, another in the Arroub refugee camp, and another in Beit Ummar, north of Al-Khalil. Private property was confiscated during the arrests.

Israeli troops have erected a barrier in Al-Khalil’s northern entrance, where they detain and inspect vehicles.

In similar incidents, IOF soldiers arrested Wednesday three Palestinians in Bethlehem and Al-Khalil in the West Bank.

The Yediot Ahranot newspaper reported that the detainees were taken for investigations.

In other stories, Israeli settlers were reported to have thrown rocks Tuesday at Palestinian cars in south Nablus. Broken windows and other damages were left on several vehicles.

Palestinian drivers said their cars were stoned by a group of Israelis across the bypass road near the Yitzhar settlement in south Nablus.