Israeli terrorist says Shin Bet asked him to murder Sheikh Raed Salah

Israeli terrorist says Shin Bet asked him to murder Sheikh Raed Salah

  The Israeli police arrested Tuesday night an Israeli terrorist claiming that the internal security Shin Bet offered him a sum of money in order to assassinate Sheikh Ra’ed Salah, the head of the Islamic Movement in the 1948 occupied lands.

The police claimed, for its part, that the terrorist Haim Pearlman was arrested on a charge of involvement in the killing of many Palestinians 12 years ago as well as of attempted murder and illegal possession of a firearm, according to Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.

The newspaper said that sources close to Pearlman affirmed the Shin Bet persuaded the Israeli terrorist to commit the crimes he was arrested for.

They also asserted that Pearlman has tapes that verify their claim, adding that he was arrested because the Shin Bet fears the tapes’ transcripts will be published in the press.

“He has proof of this. The Shin Bet is operating out of vindictive motives,” the newspaper quoted one of the sources as saying.

His friends said he was recently asked by the Shin Bet to serve as an informer and was offered about $390 in exchange for any piece of information, adding that when he failed to provide any relevant information, a Shin Bet operative visited his house to try to recruit him to harm Palestinians.

They highlighted the Shin Bet operative asked him to murder Sheikh Raed Salah, the most prominent defender of the Aqsa Mosque, and that the conversation between them was tape recorded.

Israel’s second channel also reported on the eve of the same day an interview with Pearlman in which he swore that a Shin bet officer asked him to shoot Sheikh Salah dead or booby-trap his car and added that the officer showed indifference and said “Let it be” when he told him this could trigger a war in the region.

In a context related to Sheikh Salah, the Israeli magistrates’ court would hear once again on Thursday the prosecutor’s claims against the Sheikh on the backdrop of his participation in a philanthropic dinner meeting held in August 2007 on the roof of Al-Halawani family’s house in Jerusalem.

The hearing could be attended by supporters of Sheikh Salah and the Aqsa Mosque if they were allowed into the court.

The new indictment against the sheikh is about holding an illegal charity dinner as the Israeli prosecutor claimed. During the dinner, the attendees were surprisingly attacked by the Israeli occupation forces.

The IOF troops used stunt and tear gas grenades and injured sheikh Salah in his hand, where he was transferred to Al-Makasid hospital for treatment.

Against the backdrop of these events, the Israeli prosecutor has filed an indictment against Sheikh Salah with the magistrate’s court in Jerusalem, for allegedly disobeying the orders of the Israeli police and thwarting their mission.