Israeli Violations on Egyptian Territories: Eight Rockets, Seven Injured, 39 Cracked Houses

Israeli Violations on Egyptian Territories: Eight Rockets, Seven Injured, 39 Cracked Houses

While Israel has been waging war on Gaza and bombing the borders between Egyptian-Palastenian Rafah, the Egyptian side shared with Gaza the war when it was hit by eight rockets, two of which fell in the Brazil area but did not explode. Four other rockets were fired on the border areas including the Sarsoureya neighborhood, all of these rockets did not explode, that happened hours before the cease-fire.


The Egyptian Security Authorities also found an Israeli missile, which fell in the border of Alsalam district and was not exploded early during the Israeli war on Palestinian Rafah, reservation was imposed on the missile until it is deactivated.


In addition to the violation of the Egyptian airspace during the aggression on Gaza strip, the eighth Israeli rockets was found in the Egyptian Rafah, near the crossing on Tuesday 21/01, which did not explode.


The experts attributed the unexplosion of these rockets that they don’t explode once they miss the target.


Dozens of houses in the Egyptian Rafah, 39 houses as estimated, were affected by the heavy bombardment and the Israeli aircrafts’ bombing with seismic bombs. Israelis claimed that the bombing was targeted at the subways and tunnels on the dividing line between Gaza and Egypt.


Two Egyptian children were injured, in addition to two officers and three Egyptian Security soldiers were wounded during the Israeli bombardments throughout the 22 days of aggression on Gaza Strip.


Shrapnel fell on an Egyptian car which was parked in front of a house near the Egyptian side of the Crossing Border, the car’s roof was completely destroyed and some interior parts were burnt, owners of the car stated that the care was on fire and thet they would have been dead by now if they were inside it.


The Mayor of North Sinai, in the meeting of the Executive Council of the district, stated that the inhabitants of the houses nearby the Egyptian-Palestinian borders, on the Egyptian side, have evacuated their houses because of the Israeli attacks on the borders and the shrapnel sheeing on the Egyptian houses, resulting in the damage of the balconies and windows, and causing a state of panic and terror between children of the region.


Two schools near the Palestinian –Egyptian borders were evacuated, and the exams were held in other schools far from the border strip.


The Public Committee for Civil Rights in Rafah has issued a statement denouncing what it called ‘the government’s silence’ on the violation of the Egyptian territory and endangering the lives and homes of the citizens as a result of the Israeli bombardment.





On the same level, dozens of the borders’ inhabitants are intending to start proceeding legal actions against Israel for the cracks which affected their homes by Israeli bombing of the Palestinian side of Rafah, where the citizens are expecting the reports of the committees set up by the Mayor of Northern Sinai to state all the losses in the border areas.


The seismic Israeli bombs falling on the Palestinian side of the borders created an earthquake-like vibrations resulting in cracking some of the old houses in the region.


The Mayor of Northern Sinai demanded the victims to quickly provide an account of losses and damages to their houses in order to be compensated by the UN.

The mayor has offered them either to reconstruct their houses or to provide alternative accommodations.

 Committees of the Ministry of Housing and Construction came to the Egyptian Rafah to inspect the affected areas.


Egyptian experts in civil engineering and construction have warned that the houses near the bombing will be affected and cracks because of the regressive shock that happened about 200 meter away from the Palestinian territories, in addition to the electricity outage and cut several times in the Egyptian Rafah and adverse affects on the communications.


These rockets hit the Egyptian lands, violated the Egyptian airspace and Egyptian sovereignty, yet no condemnation of Israel was made by the Egyptian State’s authorities. This silence by the Egyptian Government was seen as suspicious.