• January 3, 2009

Israeli war planes bomb mosque in Gaza during prayers

Israeli war planes bomb mosque in Gaza during prayers

The IOF troops have committed Saturday fresh massacre against Palestinian worshipers in Gaza as Israeli warplanes bombed a local mosque in the northern Gaza Strip and demolished it over heads of tens of Palestinian worshippers inside, local eyewitnesses confirmed.

Medical sources in Gaza confirmed to the PIC that the air strike on the mosque killed 16 Palestinian citizens, many were children, and wounded 60 others, many in serious condition.

The raid on the mosque wasn’t isolated as the Israeli warplanes bombed and flattened around 11 mosques in Gaza without paying attention to the sanctity of those places.

According to eyewitnesses in Beit Lahia city where the massacre took place, tens of Palestinian worshippers were performing their Maghreb (sunset) prayer when an Israeli F-16 war jet dropped tons of bombs on the mosque.

Close to 500 Palestinian citizens were killed and nearly 2500 were wounded in the continued Israeli carnage in the Gaza Strip that entered its eighth day amidst unexplainable silence from the international community.