• Lebanon
  • July 26, 2006
  • 4 minutes read

Israeli writer: IOF military mistakes will be exploited by Hizbullah and Hamas

In his article in the Hebrew daily Haaretz newspaper, the Israeli writer Reuben Beditsur stressed that the Israeli occupation government must immediately rectify their military mistakes they committed lately in the war on Lebanon and Gaza Strip.

He added that the mistakes haven’t only unveiled low levels of certain weapons in the Israeli army, but uncovered also a bad intelligence and arrogant leadership, warning that such mistakes could be exploited by Hamas and Hizbullah in boosting their fighters’ morale and encouraging them to fire more missiles.

The IOF, in this case, should not disregard their mistakes; but they should rather immediately treat and derive lessons from them, which none has done so far, according to the writer.

“Why did the Israeli military institution not blame any so far for the military and intelligence failure occurred during the Kerem Shalom armed operation in which Corporal Gilad Shalit was captured at the hands of the Palestinian fighters, which the Giora Eland committee investigating the incident confirmed?”, the writer questioned.

He also citied a number of military intelligence failures in the ongoing war on Lebanon, including underestimating Hizbullah military and missile capabilities among other aspects.

In a related matter, head of the Israeli domestic intelligence (Shabak) Yoval Diskin described what is happening in Lebanon as the future nightmare that awaits Israel in Gaza Strip.

Diskin who was briefing the Israeli cabinet on the security situation affirmed, “In Gaza Strip, a new hard and condition is being formed, and therefore if we failed in carrying out a rooted change now, then we will find ourselves before a situation similar to that of Hizbullah within two or three years, including tunnels, strong military infrastructure, and serious combat means”.

He recommended the closure of all exists of Gaza Strip, including the Rafah terminal point in a bid to prevent development of Hamas’ military capabilities.

Israeli minister without portfolio Eitan Kabel expressed extreme disappointment over the results of the Israeli military campaign against Lebanon after 13 days, saying, “wiping out Hizbullah’s military capabilities totally is an illusion”.

State of panic prevails over Israeli settlers in the north:

In northern occupied Palestine, a state of panic is engulfing Israeli settlers dwelling there as main and branch streets appeared deserted with settlers remained in underground shelters fearing the nightmare coming from Lebanon.

Palestinian eyewitnesses in those areas affirmed that the Israeli settlers were experiencing a state of shock and astonishment due to Hizbullah volley of missiles that slammed into their areas over the past 13 days with IOF troops failing to stop them.

Palestinian laborers working in Tel Aviv revealed similar picture about the condition there, adding the Israeli settlers there were fearfully awaits their share of Hizbullah dreadful rockets.

They affirmed that the settlers were even reluctant to buy their own needs, and asking the help of the Palestinian workers in purchasing their needs from the market.

Olmert is losing time with burden increasing on him:

The Hebrew daily Maariv newspaper affirmed that the burden on the Israeli premier Ehud Olmert increases as more IOF casualties were reported in the ground battle with Hizbullah fighters.

The paper added that the USA was giving Olmert all the time he needs; yet the real time for him started to be exhausted and that he knows that very well.

It added that every day passes with the IOF troops failing to finish the mission is increasing the heavy burden on Olmert as Israeli mayors in northern occupied Palestine showing extreme disgruntlement towards the government over the heavy economic losses their settlements have sustained as a result of the Hizbullah missile shelling of those settlements.