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  • August 9, 2006
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Israeli writer mocks IOF talks on achievements in battles against Hizbullah

In an article published by the Hebrew daily Ha’aretz newspaper Tuesday, Israeli writer Yo’il Marcos mocked statements uttered by IOF top military brass on concrete IOF troops’ achievements in battles against Hizbullah guerrillas.

The writer cited the speech of Israeli premier Ehud Olmert before the military college last week where he affirmed that Israel will emerge victorious out of the war against Hizbullah, and that the IOF troops were achieving unprecedented progress in the field. He described such statements as “arrogant and as if they were written on ice”.

“Olmert is very good in soccer, but obviously is nothing in the military field. I wonder where he gets all that confidence on results of the battle”, said Marcos.

In the early days of the war in Lebanon, Israeli Generals thought they can conclude the battle through air strikes; yet, when they realized that ground troops are badly needed, they were surprised by the force of Hizbullah fighters who painfully hit back at the IOF troops, he underlined.

“We live as dogs here”, said a female settler in the northern Kiryat Shmona colony as around 90% of settlers there abandoned it, according to the Ha’aretz.

The paper published a report on living conditions of the remaining settlers in the colony where the reporter asserted that the colony turned into a ghost town with only few settlers living in underground shelters in full disappointment and horror.

“When I heard about the capturing of the two IOF soldiers, I realized that Kiryat Shmona will suffer; Yet I believed that the IOF troops should be given the time to finish off Hizbullah. However, our patience was exhausted after 4 weeks of fighting without achieving anything as Hizbullah missiles are still falling on us and turned our lives into real misery”, said another settler.

Israeli soldiers wants their sperm be frozen in banks:
Fearing for their generations, Israeli soldiers, feeling that their end is soon to come in the battles against Hizbullah, were seriously mulling freezing their “sperms” in private banks.

Around 30 Israeli servicemen demanded their sperms be frozen in private banks for their wives or girlfriends to use in the future if they were killed in the clashes.

“I was living with my girlfriend for four year before being summoned to serve in the war on Lebanon, and I am afraid to die there, thus, I want to keep my progeny in case a disaster occurred”, said one of the soldiers as quoted by the Hebrew Yedioth Ahrononth newspaper.

Outrage continues in Egypt over events in Palestine and Lebanon:
In Egypt, more than 100 Egyptian lawmakers held a protest rally against the Arab silence towards what is happening in Palestine and Lebanon, and presented a protest memo to President Husni Mubarak of Egypt over what they viewed as a “clear government default” vis-à-vis what is happening in the two Arab countries.

Egyptian thinker Dr. Abdul Wahab Al-Maseeri described the current situation as “boiling”, and added that it was difficult to forecast what would happen; but he opined that an all-out-war between the Hebrew state on the one hand and the Arab countries on the other hand is unlikely to happen at this stage.

He, however, gave a different view on reasons for the war on Lebanon, saying that Israel was targeting the 250,000 Palestinian refugees in Lebanon to prevent any possible hopes for their return to their homeland.

Commenting on a possible Israeli victory in Palestine and Lebanon, Maseeri said “History tells that a regular army had never succeeded in finishing off Liberation movements; and I believe this is the conviction of the IOF Generals”.

Meanwhile, wide-scale changes in the IOF commands were reportedly made by the IOF top brass after Hizbullah killed 12 Israeli soldiers in a single missile blast that landed at their base in Kfar Giladi in northern Palestine.

Israeli TV channels scorned those changes and mocked IOF troops continuous military failures against Hizbullah fighters.

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