It is time to freeze Israel’s membership in the UN

The undersigned Arab human rights organizations and centers salute the UN human rights council for its impartial analysis of the war crisis in Lebanon and its release of a statement condemning the Israeli crimes of war.
We consider that this position is an important step to establish a new objective attitude towards events in the Middle East, which monitors the accumulating Israeli violations and aggressions as one ongoing continuum and differentiates in its decisions between a party which has been the aggressor for several decades and until now (Israel) and a reaction that aims for self defense against this aggression and exercises a resistance that is, beyond doubt, a legitimate right.
In this context and along the lines of the council’s statement, the undersigned Arab organizations and centers consider that any attempt to isolate the repeated Israeli aggressions into separate actions, taking them out of their holistic historical context, is but an attempt to ameliorate the effect of those aggressions on the international community and western peoples and is therefore an attempt that is neither just nor acceptable.
The war launched by Israel against the state of Lebanon is but a new addition to its long heritage of violation of international law, supported by an international silence and/or obvious complicity that constitute a betrayal to all human rights principles.
The Israeli aggression continues since 12/7 and until this very moment despite resolution 1701 of a seize fire, the last of a series of resolutions that are constantly ignored by the Israeli government creating a scene of extraordinary contradictions, which even the most cynical would fall short of describing:
Israel captures tens of thousands of Palestinians and Lebanese amidst total international silence; however when the Lebanese resistance captures two Israeli soldiers, the US and some Western governments consider it a state of emergency!!
The Lebanese resistance captures two Israeli soldiers to exchange them with its POW; Israel responds with an immediate bombing of Lebanese civilians, bridges and infrastructure! !
For the second time Israel bombs Qana, deliberately killing children, women, the elderly and disabled; and the governments of the “civilized world” consider that it is the existence of the Lebanese resistance and its defense of its land and self which is an act of terror!!
The wounded and displaced are helped out of the affected Lebanese villages, so Israel bombs a Red Cross convoy several times as well as the UN check point and kills 4 of its staff, while the US works towards postponing a seize fire for several weeks!!
The US insists that “democratization” of Palestine and the Middle East is the only solution and when the Palestinian people chose Hamas through democratic and transparent elections, Israel kidnaps its members and ministers, while the world continues to accuse the Palestinian resistance of being terrorist!!
Israel continues to be supported with money and weapon while it continues to violate all UN security council resolutions, while the 7th provision of forcefully imposing the UN resolutions is applied to Iraq and Libya!!
Since its establishment Israel has continued to commit massacres and mass aggressions starting from the Deir Yassin massacre in 1948, followed by Sabra and Shatila, Jenin, Qana, Gaza, Ain El Helwa etc., a phenomenon which deserves some contemplation: A state which continues to breach international law as a solid base of its daily behaviors cannot be accepted as a member of the UN and should be on top of the list of international terrorist organizations.
Since Western governments of the “civilized” world cannot see beyond their political and economic interests and fear the wrath of the American administration, we appeal to all human rights organizations to join us in our call for a total isolation of the state of Israel until it submits to UN resolutions and stops blackmailing the international community for impunity and lack of accountability.
We especially appeal to our colleagues in human rights organizations in those European countries which refused to endorse the UN council’s resolution, to remind their governments and peoples of their historical struggles against their occupants and for their own independence.
The undersigned organizations (in alphabetical order)
“Ahalina” Center for Family Support and Development (Egypt)
Amal center for the treatment and rehabilitation of victims of torture (Sudan)
Aman network of centers of rehabilitation of victims of torture
Arab Commission for Human Rights (Paris)
Arab European Coalition for Rights and Liberties (Paris)
Arab Network for Human Rights Information (Egypt)
Arab program for human rights defenders (Egypt)
Association for Environmental Health and Development (Egypt)
Bahrain center for human rights (Bahrain)
Center for Appropriate Communication Techniques in Development (Egypt)
Center for Egyptian women’s issues (Egypt)
Center for the Rights of Egyptian Child (Egypt)
Center for Trade Union workers services (Egypt)
Committee for the Defense of Liberties, Tagammu party (Egypt)
Committee for women’s declaration (Bahrain)
Community Development Institution (Bashayer) (Egypt)
Coordinating committee of popular committees (Bahrain)
Cultural renaissance association (Bahrain)
Damascus Center for Theoretical Studies and Civil Rights (Sweden)
Daughter of the Nile association (Egypt)
Daughters of Fatma Mansour (Algeria)
Egyptian Association against Torture (Egypt)
Egyptian association for the promotion of community participation (Egypt)
Egyptian Center for women’s rights (Egypt)
Egyptian Committee against Torture (Egypt)
Egyptian Institution for family development (Egypt)
El Khiam center for victims of torture (Lebanon)
El Nadim Center (Egypt)
Follow up Committee of Lebanese POW in Israeli prisons (Lebanon)
Gaza Community Mental Health Program (Palestine)
Habi center for environmental rights (Egypt)
Health for All (Sudan)
Heya institution for family development (Egypt)
Hisham Mubarak Law Center (Egypt)
Housing Rights Center (Egypt)
Human right legal aid association (Egypt)
Human Rights Center for Assistance of Prisoners (Egypt)
Human rights first (Saudi Arabia)
Human Rights Monitor (Marsad) (Sudan)
Institution for Freedom of Thought and __Expression (Egypt)
International Office of Humanitarian and Charity Associations (Geneva)
Journalists for human rights (Sudan)
Karama Association for The Defense Of Human Rights (Geneva)
Khartoum center for human rights and environmental development (Sudan)
Land Center for human rights (Egypt)
Medical association for rehabilitation of victims of torture (Morocco)
New Woman Research Institution (Egypt)
Research and information center for human rights (Egypt)
Torture Rehabilitation Center – West Bank (Palestine)
Truth and reconciliation committee (Algeria)
Union of Arab Lawyers
Youth center for human rights (Bahrain)