It’s Time American Jews Told Israel To Stop Embarrassing The Jews

Here we go again, with Israel blowing innocent Lebanese children to hamburger, in a so-called “defensive” war against Hezbollah.

Well, dang me with a warhead: Hezbollah captures a couple of Israeli soldiers for the sole purpose of exchanging them for their many compatriots in Israeli prisons – an exchange these two parties have done before – and Israel starts a war.

This is a war that has been planned by Israel for a year now, and they seized on this tiny excuse to launch it.

It’s awful of Israel. Like it was awful of the U.S. to invade Iraq. It’s morally indefensible and strategically dumb. How in the name of Jehovah can you possible get rid of Hezbollah, which represents 35% of the Lebanese population, and in the past couple of weeks has become the dominant political and military force in Lebanon? As it is, Israel seems to be doing very little damage to Hezbollah, but a great deal of damage to the fragile democracy of Lebanon.

Israel shouldn’t be fighting with Hezbollah. They should be negotiating with Hamas, the democratically elected leadership of the Palestinians, to recognize the right of Palestine to exist, and to give the poor Palestinians — whom they’ve been oppressing since 1948 — their own state, so there can be peace in the Middle East.

Why is it so goddam tough to do that simple thing?

Let me tell you why it’s so tough.

It’s tough for Israelis because their attitude is, if you step on my toe, I’ll bomb your brains out of your head.

It’s tough for the Israelis to negotiate with anyone, because they think they are God’s own chosen people and have the God-given right to kill Arabs.

It’s tough for Israelis, because they’re so blinded and panicked by Arab anti-Semitism, they can’t see that the only way to get rid of it is to stop killing Arabs and start talking to them.

It’s tough for Israelis because they’ve become anti-Arab racists.

It’s tough for Israelis because, in a word, they’re not Jewish anymore, They’ve turned into some latter day version of jumped-up semi-demi-quasi-Nazi-type ideologues.

Why can’t this tiny nation that produced giants like Moses, Jesus, Marx, Freud, Einstein, Buber and Rabin, come up with one Yiddishe Mandela with a big Jewish heart who reaches out to the Palestinians and says: listen, before we drown in each other’s blood, here’s my hand, here’s your country, take it back, mazeltov Palestine — and hey, we’ll lend you development money for the next five years so you can get back on your feet. Why can’t Israel try being a good neighbor?

Today the Israelis represent the worst of what a Jew can be. They are an outright embarrassment to the other Jews in the world. A shame to all Jews everywhere.

It’s time for the Jews who are not Israelis themselves, to distance themselves from their Israeli brothers and sisters.

It’s time for the Jews in America to tell the Israelis straight from the heart: you’re not proper Jews. You’re a shame to your nation, your faith, your history, and your tradition. You survived the worst crime in history, the Holocaust, only to start carrying on as though you want to create mini-Holocausts for others. Don’t come crying to us if the Arabs one day get stronger than you and wipe you off the face of the earth. If it happens, you will have deserved it.

The Israelis are not Jews anymore. They’re Israelis, and there seems to be a great difference between being Israeli and being Jewish. It’s time Jews in America realize that if you’re pro-Israel, you’re anti-Jewish.

Until Israel recognizes the right of Palestine to exist, and hands Palestine over to the Palestinians, they are not Jewish. They’re treif.

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