• December 3, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

Jail of 23 MB Helwan Students again Extended

Jail of 23 MB Helwan Students again Extended

The State Security Prosecution extended, on Saturday, the detention 13 Helwan University students who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood and 10 of their kinsmen, family members and neighbors for a third 15-day detention period.

A big State Security Police force had raided, on Sunday 5/11/2006, houses of a number of MB brothers’ guest students in Helwan University, arresting them along with a number of their kinsmen, family members and neighbors.

They appeared before the prosecution that ordered jailing them for fifteen days; six of them were released after the Criminal Court acquitted them on Tuesday evening 21/11/2006; the students’ lawyer lodged a complaint against the decision of extending their imprisonment-issued on Wednesday 15/11/2006- in front of the misdemeanors court that ordered their release on Sunday 19/11 /2006; then, the state security prosecution presented and appeal to the Criminal Court that rejected it and upheld the ruling of releasing 4 students and two others .

Amr Hamed – the Secretary-General of Egyptian universities Free Student Union said: this extension of imprisonment comes in a critical time; the exam schedule has been declared and the student exams have approached; if these jailed students were released after fifteen days- after their jail term was extended- this means that they will be released only a few days before their exams, something done premeditatedly by the regime to punish the students for their positivity and for their participation in the elections !!

Amr wondered what these students have done to be detained; are theses democratic practices as the security calls it; these exercises, he added, will increase the boiling and rage in the university towards the security and university administrations.