• January 5, 2007
  • 12 minutes read

Jail of 30 MB Leaders renewed more 15 days

Jail of 30 MB Leaders renewed more 15 days

After State Security Intervention, Releases of Sharqiya, Gharbiya MBs Turned into 15 days in Jail

After the attorney general issued his oral decision and informed the lawyers of releasing all Gharbiya and Sharqiya’s Muslim Brotherhood detainees earlier yesterday, and with fierce pressures from the state security, the releases were changed into jailing six detainees for 15 days, while in Dakahliya the prosecution ordered jailing the detainees for 15 days.

The prosecution declared earlier the decision of the attorney general of releasing Tanta’s Muslim Brotherhood detainees; a written decision was issued to release five of them:- Eng. Ayman Al Shafie: civil engineer and works in the field of real-estate investments; he is the Engineers Syndicate treasurer in Gharbiya, and also a member in the committee of coordination among parties and syndicates and political powers in the governorate, and a former MB candidate for the People’s Assembly elections and he is one of the public figures in Tanta.

Eng. Alaa Badra: civil engineer and works in the field of the real-estate investments
– Mr. Wahid Al Gazzaz: lawyer and the head of the bureau of MP Sheikh Sayyed Askar.

 And in absentia for two MB members who weren’t arrested during the crackdowns as they weren’t in their homes.

Also, the prosecution issued an oral decision, of which it informed the lawyers in preparation for writing it, of releasing the other five detainees from Tanta:

-Mr. Fawzi Al-Marasi: Lawyer
– Dr Alaa Gharaba: Veterinarian
-Mr. Ahmed Al Nagar: Dental technician in
Tanta’s faculty of dentistry
-Mr. Muhammad Nagib: Employee in the regional federation of Non-Governmental Organizations
-Mr. Nasr Nour: Headmaster of Al-Geel Al-Muslim school in Al-Mahala

And in absentia for:
-Mr. Ali Sharaf: Accountant.


However, after the State Security interventions, the oral decision of releasing them was changed into a written decision of jailing the stated six MB members for 15 days.


In Sharqiya Governorate


After the prosecution decided to release all detainees and gave them release orders, it backtracked and took the release orders from them, after issuing top decisions of jailing the MB detained members for 15 days pending trial, on charges of “joining an outlawed group, and staging marches during Al-Adha Feast and causing chaos in the street " the MB detainees belong Zagazig, Faqous, Bilbeis:

-Dr. Mohamed Abdul Ghani- an opthalmology professor at Zagazig University and a Muslim Brotherhood leader and a member in the group’s political committee. Dr. Mohamed Abdul Ghani is the older brother of Ayman Abdul Ghani who is married to daughter of the MB second deputy chairman. He was arrested three times before this, the latest of which was last June as he was jailed for two months pending trial and he was arrested in January 2005 for six months; also, he was jailed for three years on the court-martials against hundreds of MB members in 1995.

-Dr. Amir Bassam, A professor in Al-Azhar faculty of medicine, Asyut branch; he was the Brotherhood’s candidate for Bilbeis constituency in 2005 elections.
Eng. Yasser Roshdi- manager of the project of improving the city of Zagazig.
-Mr. Abdullah Al-Zahawi– an MB leader in the governorate.
-Dr Mohsen Qahwa – Owner and manager of the Engineering Electronics company.
-Mr. Abdullah Al Bahrawi – (Lawyer and ex-member in the Bar syndicate in Sharqiya).
-Mohamed Nagib Abdul Ghani Ibrahim- General Manager of the legal affairs in the West Zagazig Education District.
-Ashraf Al-Baghdadi – Employee in the Authority of Electricity.
-Hassan Othman – French language teacher.
Eng. Mohamed Ezzat – Owner of an engineering company.
-Abdul Hamid Ahmed Abdou – Accountant in the Agricultural Authority in Zagazig.
-Maher Abdul Latif – an employee in a contracting company
-Tamer Sobhi Nasruddin – Student in the Faculty of Education, Arabic Dep.
-Osama Ibrahim- Employee in Al-Azhar Education Department.
-Dr. Mohamed Lotfi – Pharmacist, Muslim Brotherhood leader in the city of
-Gamal Salem- Teacher in Fakous
-Mohamed Habib- Lawyer.


In Dakahlia

The public prosecution issued a decision of jailing the Dakahlia detainees for fifteen days pending investigation; they appeared before the prosecution from yesterday evening 8.00Pm till shortly before dawn. The decision was issued only today at 4.30PM.

The detainees are:

-Dr. Hamed Mansour, a specialist of Dermal Diseases,

Dr. Mohamed Abdul Rahman, a cardiologist in the Shirbin public hospital,

Eng. Mohamed Zakariya, the head of the Auto Department in Al-Huda Wal-Nur Islamic schools in Mansoura.

Meanwhile, the state security forces are searching for Dr. Mohamed Al Nagar to arrest him.