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  • April 1, 2007
  • 6 minutes read

Jail of 39 Sharqiya MBs Prolonged

An Egyptian court prolonged on Wednesday the jail of 39 Muslim Brotherhood members and leaders from northern Cairo governorate, for 14 days under investigation.

The Zagazig Criminal Court, governorate of Sharqiya, prolonged on Wednesday the jail of 39 Muslim Brotherhood members and leaders in the governorate, north of Cairo, for 14 days under investigation, including 19 in the Zagazig public prison and 20 in Tanta prison.

The detainees are:

1-Al Saadani Ahmed Al Berri, an accountant at the bar association in Zagazig- Sharqiya

2-Mohamed Al-Sayyed Mohamed, Zagazig, pharmacist
3-Ahmed Abdul Maqsoud, former Teachers’ Syndicate Secretary General, Kafr Sakr

4-Sayed Toaima, Al-Qurein – employee at the Education Department in Al-Qurein

5-Alaa Massoud, Abu Hammad, engineer
6-Sabri Abdul Maqsoud, Employee at the Education District- Fakous
7-Hassan Solaiman,  Electricity Authority deputy – Al-Qurein
8-Mahmoud Al Kashef, merchant – Abu Kabeer
9-Eng. Mohamed Fayyad, Darb Nigm
10-Al-Sayyed Arabi Abdul- Rahim, instructor at the Ministry of Education

11-Refaat Abdul Rahim, tax collector in Zagazig
12-Abdul Nasser Abdul Fattah, executive manager at Montis Co, 10th of Ramadan
13-Al-Sayyed Abdou, a real-estate tax collector- Hihia
14-Eng. Kamal Atiya, employee at the atomic energy agency- Menia El Kameh

15-Mahmoud Al-Waheed, public employee – Darb Nigm, ex MB candidate in 2005 legislative elections for Darb Nigm)
16-Sayed Abdul Magid,teacher – Al-Ibrahimiya
17-Qanoue Nagm Husseini, teacher – Al-Ibrahimiya
18-Dr. Ehab Mahmoud Mohamed Ibrahim, a professor at the College of Specific Education, Zagazig University – Menia El Kameh

19- Al-Syyed Mohamed Ibrahim Ali (Hihia)

In Tanta prison:

1- Dr. Abu Zeid Al Shannaf- specialist at Zagazig Fevers Hospital- Tal Huwain
2- Abd Rab Al-Nabi Al-Sayyed Mohamed – Zagazig
3- Mohamed Shater Khalil Khater – Physics instructor in the Ministry of Education – Beni Shibl
4- Magdi Mohamed Hussein- Zagazig
5- Eng. Mohamed Mousa Omar- Brotherhood candidate in 2005 for Hosneyat Fakous constituency – Hosneyat Fakous
6- Eng. Ahmed Shoail – Hosneyat Fakous
7-Eng. Gamal Ahmed Hassaan – Fakous
8-Eng. Abdul Nasser Abdul Hamid Ibrahim – Fakous
9- Samir Abdul Hamid Ahmed Bagar – brother of Dr. Al Sayyed Abdul Hamid an ex member of parliament- Abu Kabeer
10-Dr. Ahmed Hamdi- pharmacist- Bilbeis
11-Ahmed Abdul Fattah Morsi- 10th of Ramadan
12-Badawi Badawi Siba’y Asal- 10th of Ramadan
13-Eng. Gamal Sayed Ahmed – village of Al-Asadiya – Abu Hammad
14- Mohamed Sabri- Zagazig

15-Dr. Ali Salam -Kafr Sakr
16 Dr. Mostafa Mohammed Abdul Alim Diab- Kafr Sakr
17-Hisham Al Ghattouri- Kafr Sakr
18-Mahmoud Aboualftouh Qishda – Menya Al-Qamh
19-Dr. Mohamed Zaki Abd Al-Hamid – Zagazig

20- Ahmed Hamdi Mohamed Qasem- Bilbeis- pharmacist

In a related context, South Cairo Criminal court acquitted on Wednesday for the second time the MB detainees who were arrested on the fourth day of the last Adha feast and are held now in Burj Al-Arab and Wadi Al-Natrun prisons

The acquitted MB leaders are:

1-Dr. Mohamed Abdul Ghani- an ophthalmology professor at Zagazig University and a Muslim Brotherhood leader and a member in the group’s political committee.

2-Mr. Abdullah Al Bahrawi, Lawyer and ex-member in the Bar syndicate in Sharqiya 
3-Mohamed Habib- MB Lawyer in Sharqiya

4-Hassan Othman – French language teacher
5-Hamdi Abdul Hadi Iraqi Allam- ophthalmologist in Menia El Kameh

6-Hamdi Gouda Ahmed Ibrahim Ghoneim- a businessman, Menia El Kameh

7-Abdullah Al Zahawi – MB leader in the governorate.

8-Ali Abdul Raouf Ismail- Employee at the Ministry of Awqaf (Endowments)
9-Al Shabrawi Mohamed Al Shbrway – Physician
10-Talaat Salahuddin Hussein – Agriculture Diploma
11-Bahaa Mohamed Abdul Aal – Health technical institute

12-Al Sayed Salem Ahmed Salem – Primary school teacher in Suffiya institute

13-Eng. Mohamed Ezzat – Electronics engineer in Zagazig.

14-Gamal Salem- Teacher in Fakous
15-Maher Abdul Latif – an employee in a contracting company
16-Dr. Mohamed Lotfi – Pharmacist, Muslim Brotherhood leader in the city of Fakous.
17-Mohamed Nagib Abdul Ghani Ibrahim- General Manager of the legal affairs in the West Zagazig Education District.

The state security forces raided on Thursday Feb., 15, 2007 the houses of the 39 MB leaders in Sharqiya and detained them as part of a wide-scale crackdown that included many governorates nationwide.

For his part, Dr. Mohamed Mursi, a Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau member and MB leader in Shariqiya, said that this ruling is unjust because there is no real charge against the detainees.

Mursi said that the case is politically motivated and has no releation with the charges against the detainees.

“We respect the Egyptian fair judicial system but this is a politically motivated case” added Mursi.