• MB News
  • March 16, 2007
  • 3 minutes read

Jail Of Al Fayyum Detainees Prolonged 15 More Days

Al Fayyum prosecution prolonged the jail of 9 Muslim Brotherhood detainees for 15 days on the same charges of joining an outlawed group and working for hindering the constitution.
The detainees are:
-Eng. Saad Mahmoud (General manager at Irrigation Ministry)
-Ahmed Ibrahim Bayyoumi (accountant at Al-Mallahat Company)
-Dr.Ahmed Fouad Beltagi (radiologist)
-Eng. Gamal Abdul Fattah (Manager of drinking water facility at Itsa)
-Mohamed Radwan (accountant at taxation authority)
-Mahmoud Sayed Abdul Razek  (teacher)
-Ayman Qorani Mohamed (employee at Al Fayyum prosecution)
-Mohamed Hashem (treasurer of the Technicians Syndicate)
-Azmi Ahmed Abdul Tawwab (accountant at taxation authority)
There was a heavy security presence and journalists were denied access to the investigation hall; the investigation was attended by more than 50 lawyers, topped by Mahmoud Al Hawari the Bar Association chief and the chairman of the committee for defending freedoms and Mohamed Riyad the ex- Bar Association chief. Issuing the decision of prolonging the jail was delayed for more than two hours after investigations ended with the defendants.
The Bar Association chief declared, after attending the investigation, that the charges mentioned in the investigation and books seized at the defendants’ homes don’t require sending them to prison, because they are books that have deposit numbers and are licensed; also, Mohamed Riyad, the ex-Bar Association chief confirmed that this case is politically motivated and the books seized with them aren’t actionable, because they are books which are written by some famous writers; he added that these investigations and whether to release or prolong the jail of the detainees are taking place according to political decisions and instructions from the top leaders of the prosecution, not out of a prosecutor’s decision; thus, releasing the detainees requires a political decision, according to him.
The families of the detainees were prevented from meeting them or even entering the investigation hall.
 It is worth mentioning that these detentions are part of the Egyptian government’s crackdown against Muslim Brotherhood leaders ahead of the elections of the Shura Council (upper chamber of parliament) scheduled next April. This was flagrantly clear when the regime arrested Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan and 17 others immediately after the Muslim Brotherhood MPs declared that they wouldn’t attend the parliamentarian sessions allocated for discussing the constitutional amendments.