Jailed Ikhwanweb Editor Transferred to Hospital for Treatment

Jailed Ikhwanweb Editor Transferred to Hospital for Treatment

Ikhwanweb editor, Khaled Hamza, was sent to Al Kasr Al Eni Hospital on Sunday for medical evaluation after suffering of extricating low back pain and shortness of breath in prison cell where he is detained.

Khaled’s health deteriorated due to unsanitary conditions inside prison cells which are overcrowded and poorly ventilated (more than 50 prisoners are piled up in 65×15 feet cell). Khaled suffers of cardiomegally (enlargement of heart Muscle) which led to mild degree of heart failure (weakness of heart), irregular heart beat and trouble breathing. In addition, Khaled also suffers of elevated triglycerides and cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, which further complicate his heart condition.

In a phone call with Ikhwanweb, Khaled complained of the inhumane detention conditions especially the presence of criminal prisoners who often use drugs and heavily smoke inside the cells and in view of prison guards. Interrogators pressured Khaled to give information by withholding his essential medications and denying him medical care in a timely fashion.

Ikhwanweb calls for the immediate release of it’s chief editor and the freedom for all prisoners of conscience in Egypt’s jails. We call on the Egyptian government to protect the basic human rights of its citizens whose only presumed guilt is to peacefully express their opinions and oppose the current regime’s policies. Khaled Hamza and his colleagues don’t deserve to be imprisoned with criminals, drug dealers and killers, for loving and caring about their country.

We call also on human rights activists to step forward in Khaled’s defense and demand the Egyptian government of his immediate release.

Mariam Ali

Ikhwanweb acting chief editor

Cairo, Egypt