• September 30, 2014
  • 3 minutes read

Jailed Journalist Abdel-Rahman Shahin: Egypt Justice Intensely Politicized

Jailed Journalist Abdel-Rahman Shahin: Egypt Justice Intensely Politicized

 To all free and honorable people of the world… to all human rights organizations and humanitarian bodies that defend freedom of opinion and expression, and organizations that defend the rights of journalists…

I wonder why I am tried in a fabricated case I have nothing to do with? All my sin is that I convey what’s happening on the ground, and I do my work objectively and professionally, documenting events with my camera, in a manner which in no way breaks existing laws. Apparently, junta authorities loathed all that, and hence decided to arrest me and try me on political charges, since it has not found and will not find any charge or offence concerning my work as a journalist.

Junta authorities decided that my trial must be political. It brought against me charges of belonging to a banned group, possessing leaflets and inciting violence against the police and the army, without a shred of evidence or legal basis. Then, they sentenced me to 3 years and fined me 10,000 Egyptian Pounds (US$1300).

An appeal can be made, but the real questions remain… Why was I tried in a case that has nothing to do with me? Did I really commit a crime when I decided to hold a pencil and a camera? Has journalism become a crime? Do I deserve to be isolated behind the walls of a prison and prevented from holding my first born baby – expected in the next few days? Does my son deserve that?

Being a journalist is not a crime.

Freedom for the truth… Freedom for journalists!

Abdel-Rahman Shahin

From Ataka Prison, Suez