Jailed Policeman’s Son Appeals For His Father’s Release

Please…ask the Interior Minister to release dad and let him return home and not to guard this embassy

The policeman is still on hunger-strike

Al-Karama journalist heard the above mentioned sentence from the son of the police corporal, Mohamed Khalaf, who refused to guard the Israeli embassy; the child is yearning for a hug from his father who was thrown behind bars because he wanted his rights back.

It all began for Mohamed Khalaf in the city of Alexandria, where he was working as the superintendent of the New Complex prison in Alexandria, and he unveiled while he was on duty an incident of negligence and he reported it; this led to investigating with a number of officers who thought that he harmed them; so they decided to conspirator against him, leading to transferring him to Giza security department among the force that guard the Israeli embassy .

Since Feb., 16, 2007 policeman Mohamed Khalaf decided to stage a hunger strike, protesting at transferring him, the bad living conditions, and objecting to his working place of guarding the Israeli embassy; he is still on hunger strike and was moved to Um Al-Misriyeen hospital, in the Emergency Department under guarding .

He was also referred to the military prosecution that jailed him for 15 days pending trial; and he was quizzed over his refusing to work; then he was sent to the Central Security Forces camp at km10 1/2 Egypt-Alexandria desert road under heavy guarding, where he was denied any visit and pressures were exercised to make him end his hunger strike.

On Feb., 25, 2007, the Giza Military Tribunal sentenced police corporal Mohamed Khalaf to six months in a three hour session.

On Feb., 28, 2007, Mohamed Khalaf was moved to Qata military prison which is located beside Qata civil prison in Al-Khatatba road, while his health was sharply deteriorating due to the hunger strike.

The undersigned institutions demand the Doctors’ Syndicate to visit him and know his health state,; the undersigned also demand all concerned organizations and institutions to show solidarity with the policeman in his tragic situation and demand his immediate release, and closing the case.

The undersigned institutions:

The Egyptian Association Against Torture .

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information .

Nadeem Center for Psychological Therapy and Rehabilitation of the Victims of Violence.

Hesham Mubarak Law Center.

Institution for Freedom of Thought and Expression .

Help Family of Policeman Mohamed Khalaf

HMLC – Cairo, Egypt
Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hesham Mubarak Centre is studying offering humanitarian aid to the family of the police corporal, Mohamed Khalaf, who was thrown behind bars only because he refused to guard the Israeli embassy in Cairo.

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