• January 8, 2015
  • 6 minutes read

January 25 Campaign Preparations Start ‘Together We Stand’ Protest Week

January 25 Campaign Preparations Start ‘Together We Stand’ Protest Week

At this critical moment of the homeland’s long history, Egypt needs complete revolutionary unity in the face of the murderous military coup, to complete the January 25, 2011 Revolution and achieve its objectives, setting the foundation for an all-inclusive revolutionary phase, after breaking the parallel State of corruption and defeating its bloody and illegitimate coup.

In this regard, we stress the following:

First: Complete and powerful revolutionary unity enriches the Revolution, does not ignore rights or fundamental freedoms, nor lay to waste the blood of the martyrs. Such unity is built by the people, based on the truth.

The truth is clear. No recognition or acceptance of the coup, nor any of its subsequent actions and processes. No compromise on retribution, nor principles or constants. No retreat from the Revolution. Any comprehensive solution must be fair, meet the people’s demands and achieve the Revolution’s objectives.

Second: All the patriotic people of this homeland, irrespective of social or political color and orientation, are invited to unite behind the banner of the Revolution, and to revive their confidence in upholding the truth, decent living, freedom, dignity and justice, in a powerful but peaceful revolutionary wave that will sweep across Egypt to put right what the putschists did wrong, without allowing any criminals to escape punishment.

Third: The most pressing duty right now requires courage and perseverance. We need to correct earlier mistakes, restore the atmosphere of freedom – of Tahrir Square, courageous demonstrations in all squares throughout Egypt in support of the Revolution, and field-coordination in streets of rage, to defeat the most foolish, most oppressive illegitimate regime Egypt ever knew in its recent history.

To our patriotic revolutionary men and women, the proud people of Egypt:

With God’s help, and with your steadfastness and resilience, you are more powerful than the putschist dictatorship gang. The coup commanders and collaborators will not reap no benefit from the murders they have committed, the oppression, impoverishment, and the shame they bring Egypt, the contrived explosions, confiscations, the ‘sales’ visits, the misinformation, the divide-and-rule policy, the undermining of religion and the destruction of life.

They will gain nothing from their support of the Americans and Zionists, the sharing of the cake of the sham Parliament among partners in crime, handing the Sinai to the Zionist enemy, or aggression against neighboring countries, like (most recently) Morocco, after Libya.

With your revolutionary unity, repression will come to an end, and so will Egypt’s current plight and crises. Complete your Revolution. Continue your revolutionary action. Join a new revolutionary week, in preparation for the powerful January 25 wave of peaceful protests, under the banner "Together we stand". Raise high the flags of Egypt, Rabaa symbols of defiance and photos of the steadfast leader.

Certainly there will be no escape for the second Mubarak gang and its ill-advised representative, the despot in the Itehadia Palace, from the fury of the free patriotic people of this homeland, whose rage is increasing every day, and will have their say in the next phase. Everyone should beware of the danger surrounding them, close ranks, and unite against all traitors, without hesitation or delay.

Together we rise in revolt… Freedom, social justice, human dignity

The people want to end military rule

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

Wednesday – January 7, 2015