Jerusalem MPs take refuge at the red cross to avoid expulsion

Jerusalem MPs take refuge at the red cross to avoid expulsion

The fourth Muhammad Abu Teir was arrested on Wednesday and taken to the Maskoubeyyah detention centre in preparation for forcible expulsion from the holy city.

The three MPs called on the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon to intervene to get the Israeli occupation to reverse its decision to expel the four MPs who were released recently from Israeli occupation jails.

The three MPs, Muhammad Totah, Ahmad Atton and former Minister for Jerusalem Affairs, Khaled Abu Arafeh announced an open ended sit-in at the red cross compound until the decision to expel the MPs is revoked.

The MPs along with leading figures in Jerusalem handed a letter to the US consulate in Jerusalem addressed to President Barak Obama urging him to stop the Israeli occupation measures of expulsion and ethnic cleansing in occupied Jerusalem against the Palestinian people and their elected representatives.

Meanwhile, the case of MP Abu Teir was opened at the Jerusalem magistrate court. The judge listened to the prosecution and adjourned the court till Sunday saying that he had no time to listen to the defence.

Jerusalem prominent figures and representative of various Palestinian political forces showed solidarity with the MPs by visiting them at the compound on Thursday and Sheikh Ekrima Sabri announced that Friday prayers will be held in the square next to the red cross compound.