Jewish extremists violate Ibtin mosque and deface it with racial slurs

Jewish extremists violate Ibtin mosque and deface it with racial slurs

Zionist extremists attacked the Omar bin Khattab mosque in the village of Ibtin in Haifa, and wrote racial slurs in Hebrew on the front of the mosque calling for its demolition, the Aqsa Foundation for endowment and heritage said on Wednesday.

The Zionist attackers also wrote statements calling for war against the Arabs, especially those from the West Bank, and for revenge against the Arabs and Muslims, along with the drawing of the red star of David, in addition to material damages they placed on nearby cars.

The Foundation pointed out that Israeli extremists previously attacked this mosque in 1988, setting it aflame and also violated against the village cemetery some time ago.

It said that the desecration of the Omar bin Khattab mosque is a heinous crime against one of the houses of God, and should not pass unwarranted, as it carries a very dangerous message and clearly suggests that the mosque is at risk of destruction, as it calls for revenge against Arabs, Muslims, and their sacred places, especially in light of the hatred and racism against Arabs and Muslims by Israelis and Zionist extremists presently witnessed.

The Foundation held IOF officials fully responsible for what has happened or will happen to this mosque, and called for an immediate disclosure of the perpetrators and that they be given the maximum sentence.