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  • August 2, 2006
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Jewish Rabbis Allow Killing Of Innocent Children In Lebanon

The committee of Jewish rabbis in the West Bank settlements issued a Jewish religious edict permitting the IOF troops to kill women and children in Lebanon and Gaza Strip without reservations, according to the Hebrew Yedioth Ahronoth website.

The website quoted the rabbis as saying that the edict was based on the Torah teaching, adding “Any Israeli soldier showing mercy towards children in Lebanon and Palestine is implicitly merciless towards Israel’s children”.

The edict was published at the backdrop of the current Israeli intensive war on Lebanon.

The Jewish edict wasn’t isolated as similar edicts were previously given to former Israeli premier Ariel Sharon and his then war minister Shaul Mofaz, allowing them to kill Palestinian innocent children and women. The edict was then promulgated by 14 high-ranking rabbis in the Hebrew state.

Around 951 Palestinian children were killed, and 19,000 were wounded during the five-year-old Aqsa intifada. More than 350 Palestinian children are currently incarcerated in a number of Israeli jails.

On the military level, Hizbullah’s painful bombarding of settlers blocs and main cities in northern occupied Palestine reflected on the daily life in those places as massive exodus of settlers southward was recorded with industrial and commercial sectors almost paralyzed. The internet network was likewise affected in the shelled cities.

Nonetheless, latest surveys in the Hebrew state showed that the ongoing IOF atrocities in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon were still gaining the approval of majority of the Israeli settlers.

Arab Knesset (Israeli parliament) member Abbas Zakkor accused the Israeli education ministry and the so-called “home front” of wittingly ignoring the safety of the Arab populace living in the 1948-occupied Palestinian lands.

He charged that the Hebrew state was issuing directives in Hebrew language only, and not using Arabic language in alerting inhabitants of those areas under Hizbullah fire. He also accused them of sealing off schools before Arabs fleeing the war in a clear “racial discrimination” on the part of the Israeli occupation government.

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