Jewish settler attacks al-Jazeera reporter in Jerusalem

Jewish settler attacks al-Jazeera reporter in Jerusalem

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, A Jewish settler attacked on Thursday night Elias Karram, who works as a reporter for al-Jazeera satellite television, in a market street in Jerusalem while accompanied by two cameramen Wael Salaymeh and Murad Said.

Karram was suddenly attacked by the settler who punched him on the face shouting "you dirty reporter, I’ve always wanted to get you."

The two cameramen got the extremist settler off Karram and Israeli occupation police intervened arresting both the settler and Karram. They were both taken for questioning.

Karram filed a complaint against the settler confirming that the same settler assaulted him before during a live report from Jerusalem and expressed fear that such assaults may develop into a more serious threat.

The police said that they will ask the court on Friday morning to extend the detention of the settler, but similar incidents proved that the police do this to absorb the initial anger and Jewish settlers go free even after killing Palestinians.