Jewish student burns Israeli flag

Jewish student burns Israeli flag

A Jewish student burned the Israeli flag in a seminary during a demonstration of the “Memorial Day” in the occupied Jerusalem, adding that the flag burning is an expression of freedom of opinion.

Yikhanil Khazan (20 years), was convicted on charges of flag burning and humiliated in front of the Magistrate’s Court in Jerusalem, while his lawyer Yair Nejorai defended his right to express jis opinion and said that what he did was a part of the freedom of his client, according to the newspaper of “Haaretz.”

Khazan’s lawyer – who teaches at a religious institute affiliated to the movement Neturei Kartah anti-Zionist – asked the court to drop the charges against his client, pointing out that he did not intend to insult Israel, and there are Israelis who break the law every day and they are not subject to any accountability.

Police arrested the young man after a day of tension, he raised a flag on the mast and then set it on fire and then threw it on the ground and began stepping on it with a group of demonstrators.

Nejorai explained that, despite what the flag-burning represents of provocation, but it may not be considered a serious matter requiring Khazan’s deprivation of his right to free expression.

He pointed out that many Israelis trample on the flag, then tearing it apart or drag it on the streets during the events, and there are worn or dirty flags raised over government buildings and even on the court sometimes.

He stressed that he would appeal if the judge did not decide the Magistrates Court in Jerusalem, Dov Pollock, decided to convict khazan, the verdict is expected to be resolved soon.