Jimmy Carter: American Disgrace

Jimmy Carter: American Disgrace

Carter is far worse. He can”t be accused to doing nothing. The problem isn”t inaction, it”s the actions that he does take. Carter, after the pounding he took in 1980 decided that America wasn”t good enough to have him. He turned against the democracy that gave him four years as President, after all if we didn”t see the wisdom in reelecting him, if a democracy turned him down, then democracy itself must go. Democracy, if it rejected Jimmy Carter, must be evil. If it is evil then he will support the enemies of democracy.

Carter hasn”t found a dictator, thug, or terrorist, that he hasn”t wanted to embrace and validate. He yelled from the rooftops that Hugo Chavez was a friend of the people of Venezuela, even as Chavez did everything he could to destroy those same people and deprive them of any right or freedom they ever had. During the Clinton administration, he went to Noth Korea to suck up to the Stalinist goons who run the worlds biggest gulag.

Now Carter is rushing to meet Hamas. You remember them, the terrorist organization that wages war against Israel, and has genocide as a founding principle? Well according to the sage of Plains Ga. they”re OK. Nothing to worry about. It”s not just Hamas that receives Carters blessing. The dictator of Syria, Bashar Al- Assad, in Carters words “speaks for all the people” well of course he does. It”s not hard to speak for all the people when no one is allowed to speak. In truth Assad only speaks for himself, what his people think, or want, is irrelevant.

It”s hard to explain why Carter does this, but from what I see it goes to his overriding goal that he has had since he left office. He does these things to be remembered and to constantly convince himself that the people of the United States just didn”t make a political mistake in getting rid of him, they committed a mortal sin. It never crosses his mind that the reason he got thrown out wasn”t because of a moral failing among the people, it was his one failing.

Jimmy Carter could have retired into quiet obscurity, and been forgotten, but the former President can”t stand the idea of being forgotten. Like a small child he must have attention even if it”s for doing bad things. And if he can”t get the adulation of the American people then he has determined that he will get it from America”s enemies. Instead he has waged his war of Propaganda against the United States, doing great harm to our nation and giving strength, aid and comfort to our enemies. I think I read somewhere that is the definition of treason.

Jimmy Carter is not just a terrible ex President, or an embarassment that America would like to forget. He has forsaken his country, committed treason by his actions. Even James Buchanan, in all of his incompetence, never went that far.