JIP Director Of FA: Pervez Musharraf’s Regime To Collapse

JIP Director Of Foreign Affairs: Pervez Musharraf’s Regime To Collapse Within A Few Months
Jamaat Islami Pakistan’s (JIP) Director of Foreign Affairs and spokesman, Abdul Ghaffar Aziz Abdul Ghaffar Aziz, said that Pervez Musharraf’s regime will collapse within a few months if not in a few weeks .
Regarding the current crisis in Pakistan, Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Aziz said in a statement to Ikhwanweb:” The crisis has first emerged since Pervez Musharraf headed the army and then his full control over the elected government and he did not give the government any power. He even changed the government more than once during his term.
Aziz added that Pervez Musharraf took all powers and is currently controlling all state institutions. All key powers are in his hand. He is trying now to extend his power to the judiciary, triggering the current confrontation between Mosharraf and Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry , the Supreme Court Chief Justice .
Aziz pointed out to that the real confrontation between Mosharraf and Chaudhry stemmed from two key issues: the case of kidnappers for whom Chaudhry sharply criticized the government and demanded it to unveil, and the case of stopping selling a state-owned company after a huge corruption scandal. Chaudhry canceled this deal .
Aziz added:” These are the two main problems between Mosharraf and Chaudhry. Mosharraf wanted to punish Chaudhry for these attitudes. He expected that Chaudhry will give in to pressures and succumb to Mosharraf’s authoritarian rule, but Chaudhry was brave and stood restive boldly and legally against Mosharraf .
The director of foreign affairs pointed out that last March, 9 was a turning point in the relation between people And the judiciary because of Chaudhry’s stance backing freedoms and the judicial independence. This was evidently proved by the huge popular support to Chaudhry as thousands of supporters escorted him during his trip from Lahore to Karachi.
Aziz added that the way with which Mosharraf’s government tried to end the tensions led actually to adding fuel to them. This may lead to compelling Mosharraf to resign.
” Although this case is primarily legal, but is becoming a political one because there is a national consensus among all Pakistani parties and political powers that Mosharraf’s dictatorial rule must come to end”, he said, adding ” I confirm to you that the country is fed up and Pervez Musharraf and his government are in their final dayd in power.”
When asked whether the Jamaat Islami has any role in attempting to diffuse tensions between Mosharraf’s regime and the opposition, Aziz said:” the Jamaat Islami doesn’t any effort of such a kind. This is because all the society rejects Pervez Musharraf’s rule. He is posing a threat to the national interests of all powers. Mosharraf has never left any space for any intimacy or agreement with the opposition and Pakistani people. There is no point of agreement between the opposition and Mosharraf.
Regarding the future of Pakistan in case Mosharraf’s regime collapses, Aziz said this definitely known only by Allah, the all-knower. However, there is a national consensus that the military rule must come to a halt and the army must return to its barracks. It is excluded that a military coup takes place to give another military figure the chance to assume office and reload Mosharraf’s legacy. It is ruled out specially under the current situation.
Aziz said:” The Pakistani political powers demand forming an interim national unity government to supervise holding fair elections that brings to power a government which is elected by the Pakistani people.”