Joint Statement We Condemn Egyptian Regime’s Attack Against Opposition, Reject Military Tribunals

We, the undersigned, across political, intellectual and ideological spectrums, declare our outright rejection to the Egyptian regime’s oppressive decision of transferring dozens of leaders from the Muslim Brotherhood group to military tribunals and denying them the constitutional right to appear in front of a civil judge; we declare our full solidarity with the MB leaders transferred to the military courts and with the liberal opponent Ayman Nour who is denied his legal rights in prison, regardless of the political or intellectual differences between them.

We, the undersigned, see that these decisions, of transferring civilians to military courts and staging a siege on Ayman Nour, in addition to other developments, show that the Egyptian autocratic regime insists on maintaining its tyrannical method which is based on repressing freedoms, subverting the will of people and besieging real opposition powers.

Therefore, we declare our full awareness of the government’s current serious measures, as they reflect the insistence of the ruler and his minions on making their authority everlasting, consolidating their powers and maintaining their authoritarian method.

Our feeling of our political responsibility make us, we the undersigned, consider the fierce attack against Al-Ghad (Tomorrow) party and the Muslim Brotherhood group as an attack against all of us, regardless of the political differences, requiring that we close ranks to fight it with all peaceful and legal methods.
The undersigned oppose transferring civilians to military courts:

Ibrahim Eissa – Editor-in-chief of Al-Dustoor newspaper

Abul Ezz Hassan Al Hariri- Deputy chairman of the Leftist Tagammu’ Party

Dr. Ahmed Al Ahwani- A professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University

Ahmed Al-Pasha- Engineer

Ahmed Bahaauddin Shaban – Engineer and leader in Kifaya Movement

Ahmad Zein – Media person

Ahmed Taha Al-Naqr – Writer and journalist

Ahmed Fouad Nagm – Poet

Ahmed Mahgoub – Poet and writer

Ahmed Mohamed – Sales manager

Ahmed Mahmoud – Teacher

Ahmed Mostafa – Sales man

Dr. Ahmed Yunus -Writer and journalist

Ismail Solaiman – The Secretary General of the Tagammu’ Party in Alexandria

Ashraf Ayoub – A member of the Leftist Tagammu’ Party’s central committee

Ashraf Al Hefni – The Secretary General of the Tagammu’ Party in North Sinai

Elham Eidarous – Translator

Dr. Amina Rashid – University professor and writer

Ayman Ebeid – a member at Arab Doctors’ Union

Bothaina Kamel – Media person

Bahaa Saber – journalist

Bahaa Taher – Writer and man of letters

Bahiyuddin Hassan  The executive director of Cairo Center for Human Rights

Tamer Wagih- A member at the Socialist Studies Center

Gamal Fahmi- Journalist and board member of the Press Syndicate

George Ishak – educationalist and top leader in Kifaya Movement

Hazem Ghurab – Media person

Hafez Abu Seada – the executive director of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights

Hossam Al Hamalawi – Journalist and member of the Socialist Studies Center

Hossam Eissa – University professor

Hossam Abdullah – Fertility- Sterility specialist in The United Kingdom

Hassan Hussein – Journalist

Hassan Abdullah – The secretary general of the progressive youth in North Sinai

Dr. Hassan Nafaa – A political science professor at Cairo University

Hosni Abdul Rahim – Power engineer and writer

Helmi Shaarawi – Manager the Arab and African research center

Hamdein Sabahi – Founder of Al-Karama party and former member of parliament

Hamza Zouba – Doctor and writer

Khaled Al Balshi- Journalist

Dina Gamil – journalist and member of the Socialist Studies Center

Dr. Rabab Al Mahdi- University professor and member of the Socialist Studies Center

Dr. Radwa Ashour – A professor at Ain Shams University and a writer

Dr. Raouf Abbas – Historian and writer

Dr. Reham Mostafa – Dentist

Zeinab Abdul Hamid Al-Hadari- teacher

Sameh Nagib – a member in the Socialist Studies Center

Dr. Sami Al-Agouz– Chemist

Saher Gad – journalist

Said Al Sewerki- journalist

Salwa Gaber Abdul Nabi – Accountant

Samir Al Wasimi- journalist and political researcher

Samir Hosni – Stage director

Dr. Sozan Fayyad – A doctor and manager of Al-Nadeem center manager

Dr. . Sayed Al Bahrawi – University professor and writer

Safi Naz Kazem- Writer and critic

Sonallah Ibrahim- Writer and a man of letters

Diaa Rashwan – An expert at Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies

Tarek Al Bishri – A writer, historian and former judge

Tarek Abdul Gawaad – Sales manager

Tarek Nawwara – Manager

Adel Al Mshd – Board director of Sigma for  electronics

Adel Solaiman

Dr. Aida Saif Al-Dawla – A psychiatry professor at Ain Shams University

Dr. Abdul Galil Mostafa – A professor at Kasr Alainy Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Abdul Halim Kandeel – Editor-in-chief of Al-Karama newspaper

Abdul Rahman Mousa – Engineer

Dr. Abdul Fattah Ahmed Abdul Fattah – A doctor and undersecretary general of Tagammu’ Party in Alexandria

Abdul Aziz Al Husseini – Engineer and a leader in Karama Party

Abdul Aziz Makhyoun – actor

Abdullah Al Sinnawi – Editor-in-chief of Al-Arabi Newspaper

Dr. Abdul Wahab Al Meseiri – A university professor, writer and coordinator of Kifaya Movement

Abir Al Askari – Journalist

Arab Lotfi – Movie director

Ezzat Abdul Moneim Hilal – Expert of information systems

Aziz Nouh – Engineer

Essam Al -labbad- Engineer

Alaa Al Aswani – Writer and a man of letters

Alaa Al Kashef – The secretary General of the Tagammu’ party in North Sinai

Emad Amin – Engineer

Omar Al Maleh – Engineer

Omar Mohamed Ahmed Al-Hady- journalist

Dr. Amr Al Shobki – An expert at Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies

Dr. Amr Darag – Vice-chairman of the teaching club at Cairo University

Dr. Faten Fahim – A professor at Zagazig University

Dr. Fathi Al Khamisi – Musician

Dr. Fiolit Dagher – Chairman of the Arab committee for Human Rights

Dr. Karima Al Hefnawi – Pharmacist and leader in Karama Party

Kamal Abu Eita – Tax Authority employee and leader in Karama Party

Kamal Khalil – consultant engineer and manager of the Socialist Studies Center

Lobna Mohamed

Dr. Magda Adli- Doctor

Magdi Ahmed Hussein – The Secretary-General of the Labor Party

Dr. Magdi Qorqor – Engineer and leader in the Labour Party

Magdi Mehanna – Writer and journalist

Mahfouz Abdul Rahman – Writer and scenarist

Dr. Mohamed Abu Al-Ghar – A professor at Al-Qasr Al-Aini Faculty of Medicine

Mohamed Al Ashqar – Engineer and leader in the Karama Party

Dr. Mohamed Al Sayed Said – Vice-chairman of Al-Ahram Center for Political ans Strategic Studies

Mohamed Gamal – Administrative development expert

Mohamed Rasheedi Fahmi – Student

Dr. Mohamed Sharaf – University professor and leader in Kifaya Movement

Mohamed Mahmoud Ibrahim – Engineer and IT consultant

Mohamed Moss’ad – Advertising expert

Mohamed Monir – journalist

Mohamed Wakid – Researcher and member of the Socialist Studies Center

Dr. Mahmoud Al Losey – University professor

Mahmoud Kamal – Teacher

Marwa Ghanem – News editor

Mostafa Singer – The Secretary General of the Leftist Tagammu’ party in Al-Shiekh Zuwayyid, North Sinai

Dr. Mostafa Kamel Al-Sayyed- A writer and university professor

Mostafa Massoud – Engineer

Mamdouh Habashi

Mamdouh Mostafa – University professor

Dr. Manar Hussein – A university professor at Al-Qasr Al-Aini faculty of medicine and member in the Socialist Studies Center

Monzer Al Youssef – a student

Nawwara Nagm – journalist

Nevin Samir – an administrative employee

Haitham Abul Ezz Al Hariri- a member of the Tagammu’ party’s central committee

Dr. Hisham Al Salamoni – Scenarist and playwright

Hisham Fouad – journalist and member of the Socialist Studies Center

Hend Abul Ezz Al Hariri – Engineer

Haitham Abul Ezz Al Hariri – Engineer and governorate committee member in Tagammu’ Party in Alexandria

Dr. Haitham Manaa- Spokesman of the Arab Committee for Human Rights

Wael Khalil – Engineer and member of the Socialist Studies Center

Wagdi Abdul Aziz – Manager of the South Center for Human Rights

Yasmin Hani Wasfi – Accountant and secretary general of the Tagammu’ Party youth union in Alexandria

Dr. Yahya Al Gazzaz – University professor and leader in Kifaya Movement

Yahya Fekri – Engineer and member of the Socialist Studies Center

Yahya Qallash – The Secretary-General of the Press Syndicate.

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