Jordan’s National Dialog Committee Seeks Transparency and Democracy

Jordan’s National Dialog Committee Seeks Transparency and Democracy

Changes are taking place in Jordan as opposition groups and figures, most notably the MB, demanded that the recently-formed National Dialog Committee consider constitutional amendments as part of its appraisal of political reforms.


During the committee’s second meeting a further three subcommittees were commissioned with the task of communicating with various segments of society. A variety of political and civil society groups participate with the committee.


One of its main tasks is to head an intensive nationwide dialogue discussing political action that includes the elections law, the political parties’ law and constitutional amendments.


The Islamic Action Front , the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan has reasserted that the group will not take part in the committee. The MB had initially demanded that the committee be formed by a Royal Decree and that the agenda should include amendments to the Constitution which are vital to attain political reform, democracy and partisan action.

The MB also affirmed that if the committee is put under a Royal umbrella it will have more strength and public confidence.

Ali Habashneh, a representative of politically active ex-servicemen , said he believes the entire region is going through a sensitive period and sees that the time has come for issues to be discussed with transparency. He added that their demands aim to “protect the national identity and identify the borders of the state”, referring to Jordan ’s relations with the promised Palestinian state .

And political parties laws are about to be issued and it is vital that the voter base is determined so people know who is eligible to join professional associations and political parties.

As people rise up throughout the Middle East seeking transparency, democracy and human rights, countries like Jordan , are ushering in a new era in the region.

His Majesty King Abdullah has set a deadline of three months for the committee to complete its work; hence, the discussions are being carried out simultaneously.