Jordan: El-Falahat Elected New Brotherhood’s Chairman

On Friday, the Shorah Council of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood elected Mr. Salem el-Falahat to be the new chairman, successor to Mr. Abdel Mageed el-Zanebate. Meanwhile, Mr. Gameel Abu Bakr was selected the group’s deputy.

In a press release, Ikhwan Web obtained, the Shorah Council said:” thanks to Allah, the Shorah Council of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood hold its eighth meeting to elect the new leadership for four-year term, on Friday, March 3, 2006. Amid an atmosphere of brotherhood, sense of responsibility, consciousness of the group’s role in the Islamic and national action and the significance of the incoming stage, the council elected Mr. Salem el-Falahat the chairman of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood.”

Moreover, the council chose the group’s Executive Bureau: Ahmed el-Kofhy, Masoud Abu Mahvoz, Dr. Abdel Hameed el-Kadah, Na’el el-Mesalah, and Khaled Husseinan.