Jordan: Four Detained MPs Denied Family Visits

 Jordanian security authorities have refused to allow the families of four detained MPs to visit them in prison for over a week. Prison director stated the decision was taken by “higher authorities”
The MPs lawyer complained to the Attorney General that this decision is in a violation of the law; who agreed that the decision to withhold visits was exceptional. Attorney Hekmat el Rewashed, defense team member, said that the decision is a flagrant violation of the law and all human principles. The same comment was made by secretary general of the Islamic Party Front, Mr. Zaki Bani Arsheed, who said that the government action is breaching of the constitution and law, and wondered ” If the MPs are treated this way, what about the ordinary prisoners?” affirming that the party will follow up the developments and will use all legal means to defend rights and freedoms in Jordan.  Bani Arsheed pointed out that the case has been politicized and if the authorities persist with such acts; it will undermine Jordan’s reputation locally and internationally, adding that Jordan has come to be isolated due to the government’s violations of human rights and freedoms.

It is to be mentioned that the ill treatment within Jordanian prisons has been criticized by the local and international human rights. Some prisons have recently witnessed incidents including a hunger strike by 20 inmates in Sawaka prison. The authorities had earlier referred the four MPs to state security prosecution on charges of fomenting seditions and destabilizing national unity. The Jordanian State Security General Attorney ordered jailing of the four MPs for fifteen days pending investigations, in maximum security prison south of Amman