Jordan: MB Condemns Terrorism, Calls for Release of Detainees

Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Salim el Flahat held a press conference in the presence of some of the Ikhwan leading figures, in which he put the public in the picture about the circumstances of these detentions and the truth behind this assault launched by the authorities against the Ikhwan MPs as well as other pressing issues. 
The Chairman wondered that the four MPs  were singled out from among  other figures representing various  political spectrums who  participated in offering condolence to Zarkawi’s family over the latter’s death. He pointed out that the visit paid by the four MPs to the Zarkwai’s family was out of humanitarian motives although the group is vehemently rejecting Zarkwai‘s ideology. In his press conference, the Jordanian MB Chairman briefed the Jordanian public opinion as well as all concerned with the political situation in Jordan on the position of Muslim Brotherhood over all issues of concern, pointing out that the government – owned media maintained blackout over the truth, something which made the public bewildered as a result.
He tackled several issues related to the position of the group toward all local, regional and international issues to reassure the public that the constants of the groups are immune to change. The issues tackled by the Chairman ran as follows:

 Position of the Group toward extremism and terrorism:

Under this heading, the Chairman said that since it emerged in Jordan sixty years ago, the Muslim Brotherhood has adopted moderate positions and peaceful and sound means for reform, asserting that the group has never resorted o violence, but always warning of the heavy handed policies that could brew up extremism on the part of some people.
He pointed out that the group has condemned terrorism, citing the many statements released by the group condemning such heinous acts. He added that the MB doesn’t stop at condemning these terrorist acts, but it also stands by those terrorism- hit victims in their agonies, regardless of their religion, race or attitudes.   

On the position of the group toward takfir (accusing people of blasphemy or apostasy)

The MB Chairman said that the group considers the Nation as A Muslim one but needs reform, and that the group doesn’t accuse anyone of apostasy, citing the mainstream judgment among the majority of the Muslim scholars.
The Chairman also pointed out that the MB doesn’t have the absolute truth as some claim, adding that his group is one of the Muslim groups rather than the only one. “The Ikhwan in its literature reiterates that no one is infallible except prophets” he said.

Tackling the issue of the national security, the Chairman said that the group has always given top priority to the security of the nation, pointing to the group’s platform in the election and its positions which show that the group hails every effort made from any quarter in this area, with the group shying away from any attitude which could pose a threat to the security of the nation. Although the group is concerned with the entire issues of the Muslim nation worldwide, the Chairman said that the group gives special, due care to the cares of the nation such as poverty, unemployment and standing up to any excessive acts which could negatively affect the public freedoms, as well as accountability and bringing to account those involved in blundering with the nation’s public funds and resources.

Another issue of concern was tackled by the Chairman which relates to the position of the group toward multiplicity and sharing power. The Chairman said that the group strongly advocates  multiplicity based  on the nation’s constants, warning of the policy of exclusion which he says doesn’t lead to the hoped for stability in society and runs counter to the freedom- for – all principle . He recalled the position of the group toward the anti communism law rejected by the group, saying that Jordanian citizen is mature enough to choose what he sees fit for his nation. This position, the chairman says, reinforced the relations between the group and all other political and social forces and earned the group appreciation at the Arab and international levels. On whether the group could seek aid from other foreign quarters even for achieving reform in the nation, the Chairman said that the group spearheads the campaign rejecting any intervention from any foreign quarters whatever the umbrella is, recalling that the group has always warned of some foreign quarters which seek to wreak havoc in the nation under slogans of reform and democracy.

On the position of the group toward the national constants and how to join between these constants and its relation with the state, the Chairman said that when the group calls for some amendments of the constitution, it means that it benefits  from the human experiences in this or that area,  pointing out that the national constants are not  the make of a person or a government but rather they are controlled with  principles enshrined in the constitution and the national covenant , all of which are taken  from the nation’s belief, culture and  interests . He called for not mixing cards, saying that if a group or a party disagrees with a government, it doesn’t mean this group or party is enemy to the country, referring to the King as the head of the nation while the government is approved or rejected by the public according to some criteria including its performance and transparency and the like.

 The chairman pointed out the position of the group toward the foreign challenges encountering it, saying that the group is aware of these serious challenges topped by the Zionist occupation to Palestine and the American occupation of Iraq, which he said aims to remap the region and take control of the Arab oil and foment seditions and ethnic conflicts between the sons of the nation to break it up in favor of the Zionist entity. The Chairman said that the MB group sees unity of the Jordanian people and preceding with economic and political reform as the strongest factor Vis a Vis any foreign threats.

Jordanian MB and Hamas: “The group believes that the Palestinian cause is the Nation’s pivotal one “, the Chairman said, hailing as heroism the resistance of the Palestinians to expel the Zionist enemy. However, he downplayed fears of the success achieved by Hamas in the areas of the resistance and politics, saying that Hamas has always kept itself away from intervention with any Arab country’s affairs, limiting itself to resisting the occupier who has usurped its land. He asserted that the group in Jordan has no organizational relation with Hamas, especially that the latter is an armed one and its role is  restricted on the Palestinian area and leads the Palestinian people through legitimate parliamentary election.

On the group’ efforts in the area of charity, the Chairman said that the group always  takes part in providing solutions to the society’s ailments, which include giving due care to  the patients, the poor and orphans. He gave as examples  the clinics and other charity projects for the public interest, saying that these projects are successful  thanks to the funds coming either from the pockets of the MB members or other charitable Jordanian people. He said that these funds helped find job opportunities for thousands of Jordanian people, helping over 3500 families and providing care to about 13000 orphans throughout the country, referring to the testimonies of some ministers of the success of these efforts in the social area.

The Chairman concluded by referring to the moderate way of thinking and attitudes of the Muslim Brotherhood which made it  a model to be followed in the region, stressing that such positions on the part of the group are consistent with the national unity which the king has called for. Refuting the media uproar which followed the arrest of the four MPs, the Chairman appealed to all men of letter and all concerned with the nation’s issues to be careful before they make any statements, appealing to them also to prioritize the interest of the nation over any personal or partisan affiliations.


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