Jordan: MB Deputies Will Continue Their Role In Parliament

The Islamic movement in Jordan on September 7, 2006, settled the issue of its members of Parliament, rejecting resignations tendered by some of its MPs in protest of the recent government measures against the movement. In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Secretary General of the Islamic Action Front Zaki bin Arsheed said that the group agreed ,with majority and after an in depth analysis of the situation, to retain its seats in parliament in spite of the recent crisis with the government and the injustice done against two of its members who are spending sentences in prison for visiting and offering condolence to Zarqawi’s family for his death. The movement reached its decision after consultations with other national political forces in Jordan and out of its keenness to maintain participation in political life and steer clear from raising crisis. Bin Arsheed also affirmed that this decision doesn’t mean to forget the rights of the two imprisoned deputies but because the movement has sought to give the public interest a priority over personal or partisan interests, hoping that the Jordanian regime comes to its sense and release the two deputies. The Front had earlier last month announced that it weighed the withdrawal of its members from the Parliament in protest of the imprisonment of two of its members who offered sympathy to the family of Jordanian, Qaeda  offshoot in Iraq who was killed during American bombardment of the area where he stayed.