Jordan: Relief Supplies for Palestinian and Lebanese People

The Islamic movement in Jordan (Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic Action Party) organizes a rallying procession Friday July.21, 2006, in solidarity with the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance and to condemn the war crimes committed by Israel.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Jordanian Professional Associations Dr. Hashem Abu Hassan, who is also the Chairman of  Doctors’ Syndicate, said in a press conference that the professional associations are dedicated for relief works, and hundreds of volunteers are ready to go to Lebanon if need arises. The Chairman of the Doctors’ Syndicate called on the government to allow activities in solidarity with the Lebanese and Palestinian people, reaffirming that the association’s members take into account Jordan’s security and stability. He also pointed out that the professional associations formed an emergency committee to decide on the developments on the Lebanese arena and calling on the associations members to take part in the fund raising campaign for the Lebanese people.
Chairman of the Jordanian Bar Association Saleh el Armooty lashed out at the UN laxity and its failure to stop the crimes committed by the “Zionist American occupation of Arab countries”, which are a gross violation of the UN resolutions and conventions.
He accused the UN of standing with the US in its unilateral and anti mankind brutalities, accusing some human rights agencies such as Human Rights Watch of following a double standard policy by condemning Hizbullah for attacking Israel while not condemning Israel for its crimes in Lebanon. Al Armouty disclosed that the Arab lawyers consider sending a message to the Security Council Attorney General calling for trial of the war criminals in the American, Israeli and British governments before an international criminal tribunal.  On the future of the battle of Hizbullah with Israel, the Bar Association Chairman said that he expects it to change the political map of the entire region.

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