Jordan MB Blames Government and Police for Friday Violence

Jordan MB Blames Government and Police for Friday Violence

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Jordan warned of entering the "Age of mafias and gangs" after the burning of the headquarters of the group and the Islamic Action Front in the city of Mafraq (65 kilometers east of Amman) by pro-government elements after attacking a rally organized by the MB there, amid continued government silence about what happened yesterday, Friday.

In a statement released by the MB, the group stated that what happened was due to one of two possibilities. The first: the government, with its authorities and institutions fails to provide protection for its citizens, fails to enforce the law, fails to establish the institutional state, and fails to deal with thugs and outlaws. This, according to the MB in Jordan, proves that the country is entering a dark tunnel, a state of chaos that only God knows its evil consequences.


The second possibility – according to the MB statement – is that "the police and security forces are complicit collaborators with these saboteurs, thugs and criminals."


The MB statement considers that the official message, in both cases, is "serious and very dangerous, as that is an explicit invitation for citizens and political stakeholders to protect themselves and their property, members and headquarters. Even more seriously, this creates the right atmosphere for the establishment of armed groups, militias; and is the inception of an era of gangs and mafias."


For his part, opposition figure Leith Shbeilat strongly condemned what he described as a "shameful violation" on the MB’s headquarters and their peaceful march, where they were violently attacked in Mafraq. In a statement issued Friday evening, he said: "We denounce this brutal act, masterminded, planned and carried out by organized groups of security services in civilian clothes – in the presence of Director of Public Security in Mafraq."


Shbeilat wondered how “no-one was arrested, as usual, although the attack lasted a long while, then thugs headed to the Islamic Action Front headquarters and burned it after plundering it… all this was done by ghosts in this safe and secure country, which confirms without any doubt that this brutal work is carried out under the control and planning of the authorities."


He called upon the government to impose its authority by the dismissing the heads of security services and the administrative governors involved in this crime, and by arresting the perpetrators and bringing them to justice. Shbeilat called upon the government to resign "if you cannot (meet suggested requirements), to protest the lack of discipline of all state agencies under its general mandate. The King unfortunately would have to bear the responsibility for what is done in his name and in his service, as is claimed, and in confirmation of allegiance to him (by these security forces), as if reformers are not loyal citizens."


Meanwhile, the National Front for Reform (NFR) – with former Prime Minister Ahmed Obeidat as executive office chief – strongly condemned what it described as "planned and deliberate criminal violation, which targeted the peaceful march in Mafraq and torched the headquarters of the Islamic Action Front by a group of outlaws."


The NFR said – in a statement – that "this attack was carried out right under the nose of the security services, especially as the peaceful march was postponed from last week. in agreement and coordination with the governor and the security authorities in Mafraq."


Furthermore, the Popular Unity opposition party denounced the attack on the Islamic Action Movement march in Mafraq, and criticized the continuation of attacks on peaceful demonstrations demanding reform.


He also denounced the total silence that characterized the government’s position during the entire day, Friday, with the Minister of State for Media Affairs Rakan al-Majali failing to respond to telephone calls from journalists, as his office manager apologized – in his name – for not taking the calls.