Jordan Muslim Brotherhood Comptroller-General Condemns Wednesday Crackdown Events

Jordan Muslim Brotherhood Comptroller-General Condemns Wednesday Crackdown Events
To all Muslim Brotherhood members…

Brothers and Sisters…

We denounce the barbaric attack by security apparatuses Wednesday, which simply brushed aside all interests of this country. Forces closed the Muslim Brotherhood HQ, and also the Muslim Brotherhood House in Jerash, under totally absurd pretexts that could not be accepted by anyone keen on the higher interests of Jordan and Jordanians.

Although we are certain our Brothers’ and Sisters’ hearts are filled with faith in the religion of mercy, Islam, and in the civilized approach that characterized the Muslim Brotherhood, we would like to stress the following:

1) We have the right to ask: Is it a coincidence that members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan are dealt with in the same brutal manner used against the Islamic movement in occupied Palestine? Is this the right time to start a battle with moderate Islamists? Jordan faces many external challenges and threats, including the targeting of Al-Aqsa Mosque, with Israeli authorities seeking to demolish it in order to build the alleged temple in its place.

2) The Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters is in your hearts, your homes and the homes of patriotic Jordanians. The Muslim Brotherhood is in God’s protection. These absurd actions by authorities will never cause you no harm. Your Brothers in Egypt have been subjected to most horrific atrocities. Your Brothers in Palestine are facing up to most horrific acts of criminality and extermination. They have neither wavered or weakened; their resolve undiminished.

3) I urge you to close ranks and boost your relationship with God and with your Brothers and Sisters while maintaining your approach of self-restraint.

4) Despite this new injustice and persecution, remember that Jordan’s patriotic people appreciate your mission and respect your ideas and principles.

In conclusion, I assure you that a seventy-year old establishment, with this great social, political and professional record, will not hurt, God willing.

Remember also, dear Brothers and Sisters, that this is the Godly Path, invariably strewn with trials and tribulations, obstacles and setbacks. So, hold fast onto the "rope of Allah" and let no-one divide you.

Muslim Brotherhood Comptroller-General

Dr Hammam Saeed

Wednesday – April 13, 2016