Jordanian Brotherhood: El-Zanebate Will Not Seek Re-election

Two days ahead of electing the group’s Shorah Council, the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood’s Chairman, Abdel Mageed el-Zanebate, announced he will not run for the group’s top post 
“I apologize for declining my nomination for the group’s chairmanship in the coming term for I am willing to give a chance for the Shorah Council to elect who is seen well-qualified for the office,” said el-Zanebate in an statement, Ikhwan Web obtained.
El-Zanebate, 11 years in office, said the group has the best organization and enjoyes internal unity which is an evidence of its vigorousness and reaction to the nation’s issues.
He voiced his full confidence in the incoming elected chairman expressing his eagerness to be a member in the group. “I announce that I am willing to be active in my new position, no matter what, and devoted to the group’s principles and its ideological and national fundamentals,” el Zanebate remarked.    
It is worth mentioning that the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood held elections of Shorah Council in its 35 nationwide affiliations, during the last few weeks. The Shorah Council, the group’s supreme institution, consists of 50 personnel in addition to the chairman. The council is entitled to elect the group’s chairman and the six-member Executive Bureau.