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  • January 29, 2012
  • 3 minutes read

Jordanian Delegation Visits MB Chairman

Jordanian Delegation Visits MB Chairman

Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie received on Sunday a high profile delegation from Jordan at the MB Headquarters in Cairo, led by Dr. Hamman Saeed Comptroller for the MB’s political arm in Jordan, and  Mr. Hamza Mansour, its General Secretary. 

During their meeting, the visitors congratulated Badie on the Freedom and Justice Party’s (FJP) lead during the parliamentary elections and the trust vested in them by the people of Egypt. "Such trust demands much work by the party as they have an agenda to fulfill in the political economical and social fields", they stressed.

The delegation praised the Egyptian awareness and keenness demonstrated during the electoral procedure. "The Egyptian people illustrated to the world that their resolve was unwavering and that they would no longer allow the circumventing of their will. Their performance during the elections was an inspiration to the region", the delegation stated. 

For his part, Badie thanked the delegation for its visit and the encouraging words

"Without doubt the elected MPs have a huge responsibility ahead of them since much work is needed as they must step up to the plate and contribute in advancing the nation"

Badie continued: "Egypt’s democracy is still in its early stages and it is significant that all factions unite for the safe and smooth transition of power according to timetable. Once this is achieved it will be possible to continue establishing the rest of the state’s institutions".

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, the MB’s Secretary General also met with the Jordanian delegation which also included Dr. Ahmed Al-Kafawen from Jordan’s MB Executive Bureau, and Mohamed Al-Zayoud Secretary General of the Islamic Democratic Labour Party and Dr. Abd Allah Farag the party’s secretary.