Jordanian Islamic Movement Women Stage Anti Aggression Rally

Women in the Islamic Movement in Jordan organized a march on Thursday June 10, 2006 in protest against the Israeli aggression on Lebanon and Palestine. The protestors marched through the UNICEF office in Jordan and Head of Women Section within the movement Dr. Arwa el Kilani called on the organization to step in to safeguard the international principles on protecting children which Israel violates under the nose of the entire world. She strongly criticized the pathetic silence of the world toward the massacres perpetrated by Israel, slamming the international community which leaves Israel perpetrate massacres in impunity and even wants the victims to give up their rights to appease the criminal’s hooliganism and blood thirsty nature. She pledged, in the name of the women participants, to continue to offer what they could” in solidarity with our Lebanese and Palestinian people “Dr. Kilani threw doubts on the role of the international organizations assigned to protect the world children, now that they have forsaken them and left them vulnerable to the Israeli attacks, besides their being deprived of civil and social rights enshrined in the international laws and norms.