• April 13, 2008

Jordanian Islamist warns of an unprecedented reaction if Gaza siege persisted

Jordanian Islamist warns of an unprecedented reaction if Gaza siege persisted

Dr. Ruhayyel Al-Gharayba, the deputy secretary-general of the influential Islamic Action Front party in Jordan, has slammed the stand of the Arab regimes vis-à-vis the suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Gharayba also warned of “strong” popular reaction that could break all expectations and could turn political scales in the region up-side-down.

When asked about the US and Israeli role in blockade, Gharayba asserted that the USA doesn’t care the catastrophe that could come to the region if she and the Israeli occupation government implemented their “destructive and horrifying” agenda in the region, highlighting that the USA and Israel don’t mind about the fate of their local agents in the region.

“Arab leaders who wager on the USA and Zionist strength we deluded as experience tells that neither the USA nor Israel makes account to their agents” interests in the region at the expense of their own political interests”, Gharayba pointed out.

Yet, he charged that without the help of Egypt, Jordan, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the US schemes in the region couldn’t succeed, urging the three Arab countries to foil the US plans in the area.

“We are before a dark political scene in the future”, confirmed Gharayba, describing the latest wide-scale Israeli military maneuvers as “preparation for big aggression”.

He also addressed the Arab leaders, saying, “Your peoples are trust put in your necks, so if feel you couldn’t protect them against any harm, then you should relinquish your responsibilities”.

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