Jordanian King Pardons Two Detained Brotherhood MPs

Jordanian King Abdullah II on September 30,2006, ordered the release of the two Muslim Brotherhood Members of Parliament Mohammed Abu Fares, 70, and Ali Abussukar, 45, who were detained in June along with two other deputies after their visit to the family of slain Abu Mosaab el Zarkawi to offer condolences.

 Convicting them of jeopardizing national unity, the Jordanian State Security Court sentenced them for thirteen months in prison. In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Secretary General of Islamic Action Front ( Muslim Brotherhood) Zaki Bin Arsheed said that the movement didn’t seek the pardon, since it knows that it will not shelf the case nor it will reinstate the two deputies back to Parliament.

 However, Bin Arsheed expressed his hope that Jordan will become free from any political detainee in its prisons “Still are there about 40 political detainees in jails so far, including nine from the Front, and for five months now we have submitted requests for their releases”, he said, calling on the ruling regime to change its way of handling the Islamic movement file and open the door to freedom for all the Jordanian people; he also called for a genuine political reform.

Observers noted signs of easing tensions between the regime and the Islamists, citing the recent Ramadan breakfast attended by King Abdullah after an invitation extended by former MB Chairman Abdul Mejeed el Zunaibat.

 However, other Islamist leaderships see that this current state of relative calm does not change the fact that the crisis is still ongoing, now that the two MB deputies have lost their membership in Parliament, besides two cases before the court, one of them related to the MB Charity Center confiscated by the regime, and the other is the case of the nine MB members who are detained on charges of smuggling arms to Hamas, a case not yet adjudicated by the court.

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